If your friends don't have these 6 qualities, we think you need to change friends:

If your friends don't have these 6 qualities, we think you need to change friends:
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Today it is essential to maintain strong friendships, even if they are decades ago or at least creating new ties because according to experts we are facing a new epidemic called loneliness. According to The Guardian, more than nine million adults in the world are alone almost at all times of the day. 

This is beginning to be replicated in other countries and it is imperative to recognize that we need friends in our lives, however, you cannot expect anyone to be your friend, there are qualities that are needed and defects that cannot be accepted. If you want to learn about the real friendship then you have to answer the friends quiz questions for the better understanding about the real friendship.

What characteristics should a friend have?


Gone are the days when you accepted your friends only by the social contract. Today you need a friendship that you can trust completely, that you know that the bond is truly unbreakable and that you could trust your life in your hands. Something less than that may be a good companion or acquaintance, but not a great friend. 


Would you really want to spend time with someone who doesn't tell you who he really is? Friendship is necessary because with that person you can open up honestly and in return, you can only expect something reciprocal. Not everyone ventilates our problems to anyone, but in a friendship, it is crucial that both be honest and accept each other's personalities.    


A word that has lost value in recent decades. Loyalty shows that friendship is persevering and that it has its own code that makes it unique among thousands of false friendships. A loyal friend is worth many who simply use you for personal gain. When you have a friend you should know that each one takes care of the other's back until the end. 


True friendships work like a mirror and it is empathy that we most want to be reflected in our friends. You need a person who understands your pain, who can interpret it and help you cope with it as much as you should do it with that person.  

Support For:

A true friend will always be willing to help you. Over time we lose the ability to offer our help all the time because we have our own problems for which we surely do not ask for help. But friendship means that you will always be willing to take another step for that person, no matter what is happening, the support will be unconditional.


Finally, what is friendship without laughter? After everything mentioned that gives what creates friendship in the first place, good times. There are good friends with whom you might not laugh as much as with others, but you should certainly know that every person you call a friend is someone with whom you share a certain sense of humor.

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