I Found the Perfect Payment Provider for My E-Commerce Store

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08 December 2023

After exploring various fields post-college, my friends and I stumbled upon the promising world of e-commerce in Malaysia. The potential seemed immense, with many research reports suggesting tremendous growth for the next 10 years. Eager to capitalize on this opportunity, I launched an e-commerce store. Little did I know that my journey would be fraught with challenges, particularly in the realm of online payments.

My initial choice of an online payment processor turned out to be a nightmare, although it was counted among the renowned payment providers in Malaysia, with unfulfilled promises leading to financial losses and a tarnished reputation. I was desperate for a solution and then a close friend recommended PayCly, citing a positive experience in the e-commerce sector. Taking his advice turned out to be the turning point that revived my business.

Challenges Faced Before PayCly

  • Frequent fake chargebacks: Despite being one of the reputed online payment providers, my previous processor exposed me to constant revenue losses due to fake chargebacks, damaging my businesses’ trustworthiness.
  • Delays in international transactions: Slow settlement times for overseas customers resulted in the loss of valuable consumers.
  • Payment abandonment due to limited options: Lack of diverse payment methods led to potential customers leaving without making transactions.
  • Data security threats: My previous payment processor was included in the top ten payment providers in Malaysia, yet I had to face frequent incidents of data breaches and attempts to compromise client information, which eroded my business's reputation and revenue.

How PayCly Rescued My Business?

  • Protection against fake chargebacks: PayCly's chargeback protection, powered by advanced fraud detection tools, drastically reduced financial losses and increased revenues.
  • Fast and seamless cross-border transactions: real-time processing and multi-currency support enabled same-day payments, attracting and retaining international investors.
  • Unlimited payment options: PayCly's extensive range of over 100 payment options addressed the issue of limited choices, expanding my customer base and revenue streams.
  • Data security arrangements: Complying with PCI DSS and Malaysian regulations, PayCly ensures robust data security which safeguards my customers’ valuable data and restores my businesses’ trustworthiness. 

Additional benefits I got from PayCly

  • 24/7 multilingual customer support.
  • Direct payment links for hassle-free transactions.
  • Global expansion opportunities with services in 150+ countries.
  • Powerful dashboard for real-time reporting and detailed statistics, aiding in informed business decisions.
  • Instant approval for payment processing services with minimal documentation.

I'm grateful for PayCly's support; my e-commerce venture is now stable with promising growth. In appreciation of their efforts, I extend a heartfelt "Thank You" to Team PayCly and wanted to say I have found the perfect payment service provider for my e-commerce store from the enormous number of available online payment providers in the country.

Looking ahead, I'm considering expanding my e-commerce business empire into nearby markets like Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with my trusted companion PayCly which is definitely one of the best payment providers in Malaysia. The journey so far has been promising, and I'm optimistic about reaching greater heights with PayCly by my side.

Visit us at: Payment Gateway for online payment Malaysia

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