Human Growth Hormone and Aging

Human Growth Hormone and Aging
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A research team evaluated quality studies completed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of GH in older persons in good health. Despite the small number of studies, when combined, they evaluated 220 GH-treated people and 227 non-GH-treated control participants.

Growth hormone dosages and treatment durations ranged from two to fifty-two weeks. However, Buy Hgh For Weight Loss and the doses were effective in raising the GH-related marker IGF-1 levels by 88%.Compared to the non-treated subjects, the treated patients gained an average of 4.6 pounds of lean body mass and lost an equivalent amount of body fat. There were no notable changes in LDL "bad" cholesterol, HDL "good" cholesterol, aerobic capacity, bone density, fasting blood sugar, or insulin levels. But adverse effects like carpal tunnel syndrome, breast growth, joint pain, and fluid retention were common among GH users. The trials were too short to detect any difference in the risk of cancer, even though other data points to a higher risk of cancer in general and prostate cancer in particular.

HGH doping and athletic success

Adults who replace their lost growth hormone have bigger muscles, more energy, and improved exercise capacity. For athletes, gaining muscle and improving performance requires a lot of work. GH abuse is illegal according to the World Anti-Doping Agency, but it has destroyed a number of sports, including track and field, cycling, and baseball. Competitors who engage in GH usage face the possibility of being disqualified.

Because it is illegal to take and because athletic success depends on so many different physical, psychological, and competitive factors, scientists have not been able to evaluate GH in the field. They can, however, conduct randomized clinical trials wherein young athletes in good health are administered GH or a placebo, and the outcomes are examined in a laboratory setting for exercise ability, strength, and body composition.

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