How to Use Plant Food Fertilizer Tablets

How to Use Plant Food Fertilizer Tablets
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Plants are as living as human beings and which is why just like us they also need natural resources to grow. To be precise, just like sunlight and water are mandatory for human growth but food is essential with the right nutrients and the right dosage at the right time, a similar happens with plants. To resolve the problem and ease up the process of fertilization, plant food fertilizer tablets should be used.

You think why? Because they are convenient, easy to use and contain all the healthy nutrients your plants require.

What are Plant Food Fertilizer Tablets and Their Benefits?

The plant food fertilizer tablets are organic fertilizer tablets with controlled slow-release impact made of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium needed by seedlings after transplanting.

These are long-lasting fertilizers which can feed your plant for multiple months. They keep plants healthy and growing even in the absence of attention. It helps the plants to absorb all the healthy nutrients and help them grow healthy. These tablets are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable which makes them more important in plant growth.

Direction to Use Plant Food Fertilizer Tablets

The process to use plant food fertilizer tablets is easy and safe. Only a few steps and you're done feeding your plant for a long time. Let's go through the process once for clarity-

Step 1- Know the height of your plant for the right dose of the tablet.

The ideal dosage for plants based on height-

For plants under 40 cm (small size plant) - 1-2 Tablets.

For plants between 40 cm- 1 meter (medium size plant) - 2-3 Tablets.

For plants above 1 meter (large size plant) – 4-5 Tablets.

Step 2- Place the plant food fertilizer tablet near the plant ideally 5-6 cm away at the depth of 4-5 cm.

Step 3- Water your plant as usual

Step 4- Repeat the process after 3-5 weeks.

So, Start Feeding Your Plant…

See, we have told you, it is easy and safe to use plant food fertilizer tablets. Your plant will get the right nutrition at the right time without putting much effort. To buy these, you don't have to invest much of your time because we have got you covered with the best online plant food fertilizer tablets. So don’t let your plant be hungry, go and buy plant food fertilizer tablets and feed them properly.


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