How to Start a Subscription Box Business?

How to Start a Subscription Box Business?
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Subscription boxes can be defined as the product deliveries that customers subscribe to for a recurring period i.e., to get a regular supply of products. These products can range from custom mailer boxes with logo for your business to particular industries like fitness, food, beauty, and even specific items such as teas, coffee as well as candles. In short, catering to all product types.

Here’s a brief guide on how to start a subscription box business.

Market Research

First of all, as a business owner, you need to get an idea of what you need your subscription boxes to include and what not to include. You have to evaluate the factors that represent your brand.

The reason for it is that the more you curate your subscription box experience in order to cater to your customer’s particular needs, the more quickly your idea is to take off. Therefore, it is essential to understand the type of audience as well as the market you are dealing with and what they should be expecting to get from you.


The next stage is to determine the pricing methodologies for your subscription box business. It’s advised to calculate your production costs before you can price your boxes the same as your competitors or even cheaper for marketing tactics. Otherwise, there might be a chance of monetary loss for your business.

You should only price your subscription after evaluating all the costs factors like;
• Product.
• Packaging.
• Production bills.
• Shipping.
• Fulfillment.
• Advertising.
• Website hosting.
• Software costs.
• Salaries.
• Profit margin.

Get a prototype made

Once you have understood your market and audience as well as evaluated the cost factors for your subscription box business, it's time to get a prototype designed for it.

Not only do your products need to fit your business theme but also your suppliers should be able to reflect that as well. Therefore, opt for suitable design and printing.

You can also have your subscription boxes’ prototypes designed by the supplier itself and make changes to them afterward.

A steady supply of products

Ensure that your business has a steady supply of everything you need and plan a line of credit. Therefore, you can re-order as many as you want without having to wait for finds and resources.

Select a reliable shipment company

It's essential to select a reliable shipping company for the delivery of your subscription boxes to your customers. Nobody wants to be presented with a broken/deformed box or Custom packaging boxes wholesale, therefore make sure that the courier company you are hiring meets your standards. Additionally, selecting a company that offers insurance as well would be an intelligent move.

After you have been provided with the prototype of your subscription boxes, test them out in the market by offering free samples and opting for effective marketing techniques. Additionally, you can also do it old school i.e., sending the subscription boxes to your friends and family in the form of gifts to get their individual feedback.

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