how to remove blood stains from carpet

how to remove blood stains from carpet
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how to remove blood stains from carpet

How to Remove Blood Stains from Carpet: A Comprehensive Guide

Sometimes, accidents happen, like when a kid hurts themselves or a pet gets a little cut and leaves red blood stains on your rug. Once you’ve helped them, it’s important to clean up the red stain right away. If you do these steps quickly, your carpet, no matter what it’s made of, will be clean. Even if you didn’t notice the blood until it dried, this guide has tips to help. Here’s what you should know about getting blood out of your carpet.

Before You Start

The longer blood stays on the carpet, the harder it is to remove the stain. Hot water is good for cleaning some things, but it can make a blood stain harder to get out of the carpet. So, when cleaning blood from the carpet, use cold water. It’s also helpful to have all your cleaning materials ready before you start to make the cleanup process easier.

Here’s what you should know about cleaning different kinds of carpets:

Wool: For wool carpets, if there’s a stain, carefully dab it instead of scrubbing hard because scrubbing can harm the carpet’s softness. Wool can hold onto moisture, so make sure to use only the right amount of water to clean the stain.

Nylon: Nylon carpets can lose their color, so it’s essential to test a cleaning product on a hidden spot first. Also, don’t scrub them too hard; it can harm the carpet’s texture.

Acrylic: Acrylic carpets can get stained easily. So, when there’s a bloodstain on an acrylic carpet, it’s crucial to clean it up promptly.

Polyester: Polyester carpets are quite good at resisting stains, and when you need to clean them, it’s pretty easy – just dab the stain.

Olefin: Olefin carpets are made to resist stains, and they don’t change color like some other carpets. But be careful not to scrub hard on blood stains because it can damage the carpet. Instead, gently blot to get rid of the stain.

Selecting the Right Blood Stain Remover

Blood has something called hemoglobin that makes it stick really well to the carpet. This is why blood can be hard to get out. When you pick a cleaner for bloodstains, choose the one that matches your situation. Some work better for dried blood, while others are best for fresh stains.

Dishwashing liquid: To create a dishwashing liquid stain remover for dry or fresh blood stains on your carpet, combine 2 cups of cold water with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid.

Ammonia: If dishwashing liquid doesn’t work on a dried bloodstain, you can try mixing 1/2 cup of lukewarm water with 1 tablespoon of ammonia. After using this mixture, gently blot the stain with a cloth soaked in cold water. But remember, don’t use this on wool carpets.

OxiClean: OxiClean is a popular and useful cleaner that can be used to clean various types of stains, including both fresh and dried blood stains. It works by making special enzymes that break down the stain, making it easier to get rid of. Just like the previous solution don’t use OxiClean on wool carpets.

Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide works by separating the chemicals in the blood which removes their color. You might need to apply it multiple times, but it can be used on both fresh and dried blood stains.

Getting Rid of a Fresh Blood Stain on Carpet

how to remove blood stains from carpet

If you’ve got a new bloodstain on your floor follow these steps to get rid of it without harming the carpet. Act fast to stop it from leaving a permanent mark on the carpet.

Get all your stuff ready to make things easy and quick. And be patient while you go through the steps. If you follow the instructions carefully you can get rid of blood stains from your carpet.

Dab the blood with a dry paper towel

Dab the stained area softly with a paper towel to soak up extra blood. Don’t scrub or rub because that can make the stain spread and become worse.

Get your stain cleaner ready

In a bowl or small bucket, mix a few drops of gentle liquid dish soap with a couple of cups of very cold water. Don’t use hot water because it can make the stain harder to remove. Don’t use too much soap; leftover soap can make the cleaned spot look dirty.

If you have a big or tough stain, you can use hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or OxiClean, but don’t mix them. Mix one of these with water, and gently apply it to the bloodstain. Make sure the stain remover is safe for your carpet type.

Get a clean white cloth, dip it in your cleaning mix, and gently press it on the stain

Moisten a clean white cloth (an old T-shirt is fine) with the cleaning solution. Gently press the cloth onto the stain without rubbing or scrubbing. Using a white cloth lets you see if you’re getting rid of the blood stain without adding any extra colors to the carpet. Keep wetting the cloth and tapping the stain until all the blood is gone. If it’s a big or deep stain, you might have to do this a few times.

To wrap up Blot the stain with dry paper towels

Use a dry part of the cloth or some paper towels to dab up the water from the carpet and make it as dry as you can. If it’s a big area, think about using a fan or a hair dryer in a cool setting to help dry it faster. This way, it’s less likely that any blood deep in the carpet will come up and show on the surface.

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How to Get Out Old Blood Stains From Carpet

Old Blood Stains From Carpet

If you move quickly it’s simple to fix a new blood stain. But if the blood is already dried and set in, it’s harder to get out. By following these steps, you can learn how to remove those tough, set-in blood stains from your carpet.

Take a hard brush and use it to remove the dried blood

The stain is stuck, and we want to save the carpet without hurting it. Use a clean tough brush and scrub with some pressure to get the dried blood off the carpet. Start from the outside of the stain and move toward the middle, not the other way around. If the blood makes the fibers stick together, you can gently use a small, dull, or plastic knife to help separate them.

Use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the stain completely

After you’ve used the brush to get rid of the dried blood, use a vacuum cleaner on the carpet. This helps to pick up any bits of blood that got loosened during brushing. It’s important to do this because vacuuming makes it easier to clean up the dried blood. Plus it helps you see how big the stain is more clearly.

Use the stain remover

Pick the stain remover from the list that’s right for your carpet, as mentioned earlier. Then, put a small amount of the stain remover on a hidden part of the carpet like in a closet. Let it sit until it dries. Unlike fresh blood stains, you have more time to work on dried ones because they’re already set. If the carpet doesn’t change color after some time, you can use the stain remover on the main part of your carpet without worrying about discoloration.

Put a little bit of the stain remover on the carpet to cover the stain. Don’t use too much, or the stain might get bigger. You just need enough to keep the stain wet. If you use too much it might harm the floor under the carpet.

Allow the stain remover to stay there for a while

Let the stain remover sit on the stain for 1 to 5 minutes. This gives it time to get deep into the carpet and work better. Stain removers work best when they have enough time to go into the carpet and tackle the stain.

A carpet with short fibers soaks up the stain remover quicker, while a carpet with long, fluffy fibers needs a few extra minutes for the cleaning stuff to go deep into the fibers.

Blot the stain with water wait for it to dry and do the cleaning again if needed

After you’ve let the stain remover sit on the dried blood for a few minutes it’s time to gently pat the stain with a white cloth and cold water. Blot it don’t rub it because rubbing will make the stain go deeper into the carpet. When you’ve removed as much of the blood stain as you can let the area dry completely. You can use a fan to make it dry faster.

If the stain is still there when the carpet is all dry you may need to do the cleaning process again. Tough stains might need a few tries before they completely go away or become so small that you can’t really see them.

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