How to Receive Support for your NLV Application

How to Receive Support for your NLV Application
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14 November 2023

If non-EU citizens have enough money to live in Spain without working or taking on professional activities, they can apply for a non-lucrative permanent residency. If your income and savings satisfy the requirements, it's one of the simplest ways to obtain permanent residence in Spain. We anticipate that the statute will change shortly because a successful challenge to this rule was considered by the Supreme Court in June. This period will be extended to 12 consecutive months, or a total of 6 years, during the 10 years that your residency card is valid if you are granted permanent residency.

Non-EU citizens can live in Spain using a Non-Lucrative Visa

 The Non-Lucrative Visa is available to self-sufficient individuals or families who do not intend to engage in any local economic activity while in Spain. Popular because it permits users to travel indefinitely throughout the European Union is the Non-Lucrative Visa. First and foremost, it is crucial that you apply for the visa in your home country; applications cannot be submitted by third parties, including those with a power of attorney, on your behalf.

You are only allowed to leave the country for a total of 10 months or a maximum of six months per year in order to maintain your residency privileges during the first five years. You can apply for a one-year resident permit and use the non-lucrative visa to lawfully dwell in Spain for a maximum of four additional years if you continue to meet the residency conditions.  You can apply for a permanent residency permit on your third renewal after living in Spain continuously for five years. With this ten-year valid visa, you will be able to access the Spanish State Healthcare system, Nlv application help, and other benefits available to Spanish nationals and permanent residents.


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