How To Prepare For Wedding Photos With Your Pet

Couples want their close family members and friends to be by their side on their special day. And the list includes furry companions as well! Furry friends, though they don’t understand the concept of a wedding, take the celebration to the next level with their adorable smiles. No wonder couples love the idea of including their pets in wedding pictures. 

That said, incorporating feline or canine family members into a wedding isn’t as simple as it appears, especially when it comes to wedding photography. But don’t worry, most elopement wedding photographers in Austin, Texas, are happy to work with couples and their four-legged family members for wedding pictures.

Here we have shared some tips you may find helpful in including your pets in your life’s one of most significant celebrations, and of course, wedding photographs. Read on:

Schedule an in-person meeting with the photographer

Your wedding photographer will take lots of photos of you and your partner on your big day. And if you have fur babies, they will likely include them in the frame whenever possible. It’s better to meet in person with the photographer to ensure they get acquainted with your pets. Your furry companions will also pick up their scent and make them their friends. Doing so is crucial because you can never know how your pets will react to a new person when introduced suddenly on the big day.

Your photographer will also appreciate your effort. The chances are good that they will ask you lots of questions about your pets’ behavior and learn about their personalities. It will make it easier for them to work with your pets—capture their adorable photographs—on your wedding day or during the engagement photoshoot. 

Bring along a dedicated pet assistant

Couples love including their pets in their engagement photographs. If you want your furry friends to be in your pre-wedding pictures, bringing along an extra hand to take care of your pets is necessary. You can ask a family member or friend, who is already familiar with your pets, to come along to your engagement session. While you will get busy with your human-only photoshoot, your pet assistant entertains your pets, ensuring they stay comfortable and content. 

You may want someone reliable to handle your pets on the wedding day. Rather than asking your family or friends—who may wish to attend all your wedding ceremonies, hire a professional to manage your dogs or cats. Taking pictures also becomes effortless for portrait photographers when a professional handles pets and keeps them in good spirits during the wedding. 

Keep the photo shoot with pets short 

Dogs and cats have short attention spans. They get curious when they visit a new place and jump in excitement every time they see their parents. If you wish to capture the best images with your pets, spare five to ten minutes during the photo shoot to play only with pets, giving them your undivided attention. Your photographer will probably capture some candid moments. After this, pose for the camera with your pet, asking your fur baby to stay still. Also, keep lots of treats in your pocket to reward them for being patient. 

Evidently, you would want your pets to be a part of your wedding. But before you get carried away with the thought, remember that your pets may not enjoy loud and crowded venues. And when they don’t get as much attention as they are used to, especially from their parents, they may get frustrated. It’s best to start your wedding photography session with your pets and send them back home with a pet assistant as soon as your photographer finishes taking your pictures with your furry friends. 

Dress your pets up for the photo shoot

Your wedding is a big celebration. It only makes sense to buy fancy collars or leashes for your pets to ensure they dress up on your wedding day like everyone. If you already have in mind to dress your pets up, ensure you make them wear similar clothes and items for a few days before the photo shoot and the wedding day. This way, they will get used to wearing collars or suits and stay on leashes for extended periods. The more you practice the habit, the more comfortable they become. It also saves your pets from getting frustrated by unexpected clothes and leashes on the bid day. 

If you have a pet that comes running to you whenever you call, they can be the ring bearer on your wedding day. Your portrait photographer will capture pictures of your pet in a stylish suit or a fancy tutu bringing a box on your call. They can sit at your feet till the last part of the ceremony, appearing in most of your wedding pictures. 

We suggest asking your elopement wedding photographer if they are comfortable working with pets before signing the contract to ensure you hire the best photographer in Austin, Texas, for your wedding. 

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