How To Play Rummy Game Online & Win Rs.10,000 Daily

How To Play Rummy Game Online & Win Rs.10,000 Daily
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Rummy is a popular card game that has been played in India for generations. With the advent of technology, it is now possible to play rummy online and win real cash prizes. In this article, we will discuss how you can play rummy games online and win Rs.10000 daily.

Understanding Rummy

Before we dive into the details of playing a rummy game online, let's first understand the basics of the game. Rummy is a card game that is played with 2-6 players and a deck of 52 cards. The objective of the game is to arrange the cards in sets and sequences. A set is a group of three or more cards of the same rank, while a sequence is a group of three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order.

The game starts with the dealer dealing 13 cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed on the table face down, and the top card is turned face up to form the discard pile. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game by picking up a card from the discard pile or the stockpile and then discarding a card to the discard pile. The game continues in a clockwise direction.

Playing Rummy Online

To play rummy game online, you need to first find a reliable rummy platform. There are several rummy websites and apps available online, but it is important to choose a platform that is safe, secure, and fair. Once you have selected a platform, you need to create an account and deposit some money to start playing.

Most rummy platforms offer different variations of the game, such as points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy. Each variation has its own rules and gameplay, so it is important to read the rules carefully before you start playing.

To win Rs.10000 daily, you need to participate in cash games. Cash games are rummy games that involve real money. The prize pool for each game is determined by the entry fee and the number of players. The winner of the game gets the entire prize pool.

Tips to Win at Rummy

Winning at rummy game online requires a combination of skill, strategy, and luck. Here are some tips that can help you improve your chances of winning:

  1. Focus on making pure sequences: Pure sequences are the backbone of a good rummy hand. Try to make pure sequences as early as possible in the game.

  2. Keep an eye on your opponents: Pay attention to the cards your opponents are picking and discarding. This can give you an idea of the cards they need and the cards they don't need.

  3. Don't hold on to high-value cards: High-value cards such as Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks can increase your score if you don't use them in sets or sequences. Try to get rid of them as early as possible in the game.

  4. Use jokers wisely: Jokers can be used to complete sets and sequences, but don't rely on them too much. Use them only when necessary.

  5. Stay calm and focused: Rummy can be a fast-paced game, but it is important to stay calm and focused. Don't make hasty decisions and take your time to think before you play your cards.


Playing rummy game online and winning Rs.10000 daily is possible, but it requires skill, strategy, and luck. To increase your chances of winning, you need to practice regularly, understand the rules of the game, and follow the tips mentioned above. Remember to play responsibly and only deposit money that you can afford to lose. Good luck!

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