How to Play Ludo Game Online & Earn Money?

How to Play Ludo Game Online & Earn Money?
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What's the most amazing aspect of Ludo? It's that it's manufactured in India! You read it right. Ludo, a variation of it, also is mentioned in the epic Indian epic called the Mahabharata. A favorite game among the royals, particularly the King, this game was played in every household in India and around the world.

As many would claim, it is a popular game for its thrill and luck, but it is an exercise in strategy and making plans. Today, online versions have made it more thrilling since you can now be a winner and earn even cash! Do you want to know how? Read on to learn more!

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About the Ludo Game

It's a casual game between up to 4 players on the board. Each player has their own colored house, with four pawns per. To win, the player must get all their pawns back home to receive the highest points. Ludo online games are much more efficient and give only a few turns. The game is more enjoyable and thrilling.

Where can you play the Ludo game?

If you'd like to play Ludo online, you can download any of the best games for Android and IOS.

You can download The Rush App to win money and play the Ludo game online.

  • It's available for both Android and iOs.
  • Speed Ludo, as the name implies, is a fast and enjoyable online game where you can show off your abilities and earn cash.

The higher your winnings, the more you earn.

  • Other interesting games from the Rush Gaming Universe include Carrom Freestyle, Call Break, Fruit Fight, Brick Smash, Disc Football, and many more.

Why should you play Ludo on Rush?

You can play speed Ludo and earn money through Rush. Rush App. There's more.

  • Play Ludo online: Recreate the old-fashioned board game fun online with speed ludo Rush by Hike.
  • The most popular and free Ludo application. Play your casual board games online completely free.
  • Earn money and play. Test your skills at gaming to the test and earn as fast as possible.
  • Genuine players. No fakes or tricks; showcase your real talents.
  • Get cash back and daily rewards: Deposit the winnings right away directly into the account of your UPI account.
  • Rewards for membership and referrals The experience is as exciting as it sounds and equally rewarding.
  • All-in-one: It's not just a ludo game but also plays Call Break, Fruit Fight, Quizzy, Carrom & numerous more.
  • Popular games: If you need them, we'll provide them. It is possible to vote on your top games in the app.
  • 24*7 customer support: Always got your back at [email protected]

How do I play Ludo on the internet?

  • You can play 50 times in a game.
  • Your Pawn's position is determined by the number shown in the cube.
  • 1 tile moved = 1 point.
  • If you land on a tile that an opponent occupies, take out the Pawn of their opponent and take its score. The Pawn that was killed returns to its position from which it started.
  • Once pawns are home, they are multiplied by 2x, 3x, and 5x for the 1st, 3rd, 2nd, and 4th pawns, respectively.
  • If two pawns with the same color are placed on one tile, it creates an area of safety and can't be destroyed.
  • You will get an additional cube roll if you land an ace on the cube or if your Pawn makes it home or take out the Pawn of your opponent.
  • The player who scores the highest score wins the game.
  • The game ends when all four pawns of the player who is home reach the timer over,
  • Fifty turns have passed 50 turns or earlier.

How do I play the Ludo game online and make money?

If you're looking to build an income stream that is not traditional through online Ludo, you will be treated. If you are a player on this app Rush Gaming App, you will receive the following:

  • Real cash: When you participate in the game and earn cash.
  • Daily rewards and bonuses increase your chances of winning each day; you earn cash bonuses.
  • Cash-out the cash Instantly directly into the account of your UPI account.
  • Real game: The app has no bots but only real players.

More details about the Rush App

It's RNG-certified. RNG, which stands for Random Number Generator certified, means that the platform for gaming is random and impartial. In the end, each player can win based on their abilities.

There is no cheating or fraud within the Rush platform. Cheating will not be allowed on Rush. Cheaters are banned from playing games or withdrawing cash. Additionally, their bank account balance, as well as any winnings earned from games in which they played, cheated.

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How can you win in the Ludo on the internet?

To be successful in Ludo, try these intriguing tricks.

  • Always move all your Pawns. Could you not keep them in a single spot?
  • Use only some of your numbers on one Pawn.
  • Don't leave any opportunity to kill an opponent's pawns.
  • Try to block the pawns of your opponent.
  • Use at least two of your Pawns to design shield tiles.
  • Always prioritize the Pawn that has the highest points.
  • You can only risk Pawns with lower points.
  • Follow the seven-step rule. When playing a pawn, think about the seven steps your opponent could take in your direction.
  • Don't walk away from the game believing you'll lose, as the game could alter its course at any time for anyone.


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