How to Plan a Corporate Event with the Best Entertainment

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Corporate affairs, ranging from internal conferences to public launch parties require memorable entertainment segments holding attendees' interest. Eye-catching events make branding statements highlighting organizational values while building public hype. However, planning suitable music, performers and activities that match unique corporate event purposes is challenging.

This article covers a 4-step approach for corporations to plan entertainment that aligns with specific objectives. Let's begin!

1. Define Event Goals and Audience Demographics

How to Plan a Corporate Event with the Best Entertainment

Start picking your Specialty Entertainment by thinking about what you want the event to achieve and who will be there. If it's a party to introduce a new product to customers, fun music and comedy can keep the crowd happy. But if you're talking about something serious like GST, you'll want experts who can speak with knowledge and respect. And for fancy awards nights, you might go for a classical music vibe instead of breakdancers to match the company's style. Figure out who's coming and what the event's about before choosing what kind of entertainment to have.

Look at who's going to be at the event—their ages and where they're from—so you can pick entertainment that they'll really get into. Getting clear on what the event is for with your event planning team helps you narrow down the entertainment options to fit the mood just right.

How to Plan a Corporate Event with the Best Entertainment

2. Brainstorm Different Entertainment Options

Your Corporate Event Planning doesn't have to stick to the usual music performances. Think outside the box—like having a mentalist reveal your product's features at a launch or inviting social media stars to talk about online marketing. Using entertainment that reflects what's unique about your company can help your message resonate more with the audience.

Look into different kinds of performers, like aerial dancers, shadow puppeteers, or even cool tech demos with virtual reality that really involve the people there. Team up with specialty entertainment companies that create unique acts that will wow your guests. To really make the entertainment fit the event, you've got to think bigger than just typical bands or decorations.

3. Coordinate Schedules for Seamless Flows

Make sure the Specialty Acts you pick for your event fit in smoothly and don't overlap with other big parts of the program. Talk to the performers you're thinking about hiring to figure out the best length for their act, how quickly they can set up and take down, and where they should perform so everyone can see them. Plan their performance times to keep the crowd pumped and not worn out from something like a non-stop 12-hour concert.

If you're having entertainment while other things are going on, like fancy dinners or showing off new products, make sure everything is timed so people can easily go from one thing to another. For example, having an artist draw guests' portraits as they mingle might be better than a loud DJ if you want people to network. In the end, get your entertainment to fit the overall plan of the event by working closely with professional event planners.

4. Allow for Personalization

Think about making Live Entertainment that really click with work teams, not just the usual stuff. You could spice up a comedy act with jokes only your company gets, have the boss pop up in a scene from a famous movie at a product launch, or mix music with the company's slogans for parties that really draw customers in.

You can also deck out the venue with the company's colors, slogans, and symbols to make it feel like it's all about them. Handing out custom swag can make it even more special. Basically, when entertainment feels like it's made just for the brand, it sticks in people's minds way more than standard shows. Partner with event planners who can add those unique touches to your event.


In summary, follow the above 4-step approach for planning the best corporate event entertainment that smoothly merges with company values and occasion purposes uniquely. Employ agencies like for great outcomes!

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