How to Make All Types of Window Locks More Secure

How to Make All Types of Window Locks More Secure
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Window locks protect your house, valuables, and family from robbers. All windows have locks, however, there are several sorts. More locks may assist if you’re concerned about security or live in a high-crime area.

Windows provide natural light and fresh air and are crucial to a home’s appearance and usefulness. These harmless holes might pose a severe security risk if not properly secured. Windows are susceptible entrance places for burglars, therefore, homeowners must secure them. This detailed tutorial will cover a variety of ways to connect different window locks to keep your house safe and peaceful.

Importance of window security

Windows may be vulnerable to unauthorized infiltration despite its many advantages. Intruders use weak or antiquated window locks to break into houses, endangering families and valuables. Understanding the hazards of unprotected windows may help homeowners prevent break-ins and safeguard their homes.

Different types of window lock

  1. Window pin lock

Sliding doors, windows, and windows that slide horizontally use this sort of lock. A drill and screens are needed for installation. But after you’re done, a quick pin placement will prevent the window from flying open.

  1. Folding latches

This lock consists of a long bar that is hinged at one end. Simply fold over the latch after you’re finished closing the window. Depending on the folding latch, a pin, an attachable item, etc., may be used to keep it shut.

  1. Espagnolette windows

Espagnolettes windows, also known as spanjolett fönster, are locked throughout their length by a central handle that operates many locking points. These locking points engage window frame keepers or strike plates. Their multi-point locking method is more secure than ordinary locks, although they may be strengthened against penetration.

  1. Child safety locks

If you do a web search for “child safety locks,” you’ll get several results. These are fantastic because they deter would-be burglars while preventing your young children from escaping the home. Latch systems, cords, chains, and other child-safety options are available.

  1. Lag screws

You’ve undoubtedly seen them before because of how widespread they are. A screw is used to snug up this metal clamp. Once closed, the window is tough to open.

These are wonderful since they are cheap and straightforward to set up. Furthermore, windows may be extended to allow in air by just turning a screw. Just remember to always double-check and tighten it before closing the window.

Take the time to scrutinize your windows

The first thing you can do to protect your property is to inspect all the external windows. Pay special attention to the doors and windows on the perimeter of the first floor, especially those that lead to balconies or the emergency exit . Keep an eye out for security holes like:

  • Cracked, broken, and otherwise inoperable old windows on the interior
  • Cracked or damaged glass and/or frames
  • Thieves may easily break in via windows with weak locks.

Protecting a window lock in different ways

  1. Screw tracks together

Drive sheet metal screws halfway into the top tracks to hold the sashes of your windows in place. Set the screws so the belt has enough clearance to travel up and over the bottom tracks, but no more.

  1. Mount a metal clip

A simple metal clip may foil a burglar’s attempt to force open the sash and shatter the fragile metal catch holding the window shut. Install the clip on the bottom track of your window, with the bent end against the closed inner sash.

  1. Insert a bar

Charley bars are more noticeable but may prevent intruders from opening a sliding window. You may move it to the “up” position when it’s not in use and clip it inside the window sash.

  1. Secure the doors

One of the safest ways to safeguard windows is by using locks that need a key. Additionally, they are compatible with vertically sliding windows. Drill a hole for the bolt in the sill at the mark you made when the sash was closed entirely. Adding more fixes to the sill helps secure the window in the open position.

  1. Use long screwdrivers

If your windows don’t have locks, drive long screws into the stop on either side at a height that will allow the window to open just a few inches. Because the screws would be difficult to remove quickly, this method should only be used on windows that aren’t needed as an emergency escape.

  1. Include a sliding bolt lock

You may feel safer yet get out of there fast if you install a keyed sliding-bolt lock or a strong hasp with a keyed padlock. Don’t let someone outside the window grab the key, but don’t hide it.

  1. Add a Locked Gate and Keypad

Installing a scissors-type gate locked with a keyed padlock may prevent an attacker from entering via a window while yet allowing for its use as an emergency escape. Again, make sure the key is easily accessible to loved ones.

  1. Insert a grill

High-crime regions need additional protection, and standard or bespoke grilles mortared into the outside foundation will offer this, but at the cost of making your windows appear behind bars. Like glass blocks, they will prevent the windows from being used as escape routes in the case of a fire.

Which window lock is right for you?

The kind of windows in your house will dictate the type of lock you choose for your windows. Unfortunately, not all locks are compatible with all window styles. Windows may be double-hung, casement, awning, or bay styles. There might be a wide variety in any particular house.

Once you identify the window style, you may start shopping for a suitable lock. Sliding windows, instead of crank-operated ones, are a better fit for pin locks.

Another thing to consider is who is responsible for opening and shutting the windows. Do you like a simple process? One individual may desire something easy to use because they are old, while another may want something complicated because they have young children. Read more about this topic in the Swedish news article “Med en spanjolett kan du uppgradera säkerheten i ditt hem”.


Securing windows is essential to home security and we make it easy for you. Following this guide’s tips may greatly improve window lock security. From improving locking mechanisms and fortifying window frames to integrating intelligent technologies and adding protection, every step adds to a successful window security plan. No one option is perfect; a mix of measures customized to your home’s layout and family’s requirements will best deter invaders.

When designing and manufacturing our premium-quality products, window security is a top priority at Spanjolett. We also provide custom designs aimed at enhancing the safety and security of your property.

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