How to make a chocolate bouquet from candies?

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Chocolate Bouquet of sweets is an original gift for loved ones. Unique compositions accompany weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, romantic parties, and corporate events. Beautifully decorated flowers made of chocolates become the highlight of the festive table. They can be placed in a basket or decorated with an ordinary bouquet. Roses made of corrugated paper and sweets look beautiful.


When compiling a stylish gift, an unlimited author's imagination plays an important role. When decorating inflorescences and buds of roses, they are made in various colors, using burgundy, yellow, scarlet, white, and other shades, complemented with toys, fruits, and postcards. How can you make a bouquet of chocolates and candies yourself?


How to make a chocolate bouquet from candies?


Making an extraordinary bouquet: making a stand and background


When forming unusual colors, the following materials and tools are used:


  • chocolates with wrappers;
  • adhesive thermal gun;
  • corrugated paper for petals leaves;
  • floral tape;
  • small attractive wicker basket;
  • scotch;
  • threads;
  • Styrofoam;
  • ribbons, bows, various rhinestones, and other decors;
  • scissors;
  • roulette;
  • skewers;
  • organza.

The Chocolate Bouquets is formed from sweets, giving it the shape of a hemisphere. The product has one peculiar tail formed by twisting the wrapper. A mold with two similar ponytails can be made. Corrugated paper is used in the manufacture of petals and buds, pink and white tones are often chosen, and leaves are made of green material. Roses can be made extraordinary; pick up the paper with polka dots with images of waves, stars, flowers, and patterns. You can use purple, blue, or orange tones.


Let's start creating the stand. You have to take the foam and cut out the part. Its volume should be slightly less than the volume of the basket. The resulting element is placed inside it. The stand can be glued to the bottom with glue, making it possible to strengthen the part. The handle of the Chocolate Baskets must be treated with glue, decorated with ribbons and bows, and supplemented with rhinestones, beads, and attractive decorative elements.


The formation of the remaining elements, the assembly of the gift


Now continue to form a gift; create blanks for flowers and buds. Take an oblong candy with a wrapper, and glue one end-tail of the wrapper to the candy itself. Unroll the other end of the wrapper and stick a long skewer into the chocolate. A wrapper is twisted around it, fixed with tape.


In an extraordinary gift, candy roses can be combined with natural flowers: roses, carnations, tulips, daisies, etc. Original Chocolate Gifts can look like simple bouquets without a basket. They are packed in gift and design paper. 


You can also buy exclusive Edible Bouquets with spectacular decor that are indispensable for any occasion online. The exquisite taste of an unusually designed chocolate delicacy will appeal to guests and lovers of sweets. Bouquets of not only roses but also poppies, carnations, daisies, tulips, and other flowers can be formed from chocolates. An unusual sweet decoration is included in many gift compositions. Exquisite flowers are complemented by fruits that are strung on skewers and decorated with melted chocolate.

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