How to Integrate a Payment Gateway into Shopify?

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway into Shopify?
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The Shopify e-commerce platform is only one of several options for setting up your online shop. It's user-friendly, packed with various promotional tools, and suitable for stores of all sizes and stages of development.

Even if your customers are ready to purchase right now, you need more than just a finished website, product photos, and descriptions to begin collecting payments online. It's important to consider all the possible payment methods that won't compromise on speed, user experience, or security while still satisfying everyone involved in the transaction.

In this blog, we'll discuss methods for accepting money from customers. Learn all the steps of Shopify payment gateway integration with this in-depth tutorial.

What is Shopify?

How to integrate a payment gateway into Shopify

It's a web-based storefront that can help any company get off the ground and flourish. Almost everything a merchant services provider may want in a website builder is included in this package.

The service makes it possible to:

  • Make a shop, tweak it to perfection, and sell your wares everywhere and everywhere with the use of websites, social media, mobile applications, and more.  
  • Keep track of orders, sales, inventory, and deliveries.

Since it is web-based, server and software upgrades and upkeep are not your responsibility. Additionally, it is accessible from anywhere through any internet-connected device. With this provider, you may use your domain name.

What is a Payment Gateway?

How to integrate a payment gateway into Shopify

A payment gateway connects an online store's checkout process and the acquiring bank. Facilitates the sharing of financial information. This service is crucial since it allows a business to accept payments online.

Your acquiring bank may provide this service, but there are also many more suppliers from which to choose. You'll need it if you want to accept payments online. When selecting a service provider, several factors should be taken into account.

  • Costs,
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Domestic/International Transactions
  • Currency

By comparing the policies of several providers, you may choose the one that best suits your needs. It's fantastic that a business can enable several payment gateways on this platform and provide consumers with more payment possibilities.

The platform also has a built-in payment processing system. However, there are over a hundred different reputable payment processors from around the globe, some of which may give more favorable terms.

In what ways does a payment gateway benefit a company?

Although all components of a website or app are essential, the Payment Gateway is likely to need the most scrutiny. After all, this is when the buyer and seller provide their banking details. Payment processing is essential for every successful business. When a consumer is ready to pay, payment gateways are enabled.

Some advantages of using a payment gateway include:

  • Including a variety of payment options for the customer.
  • Obtaining a green light from the customer's bank.
  • Proving the legitimacy of the purchase.
  • Taking the funds straight out of the buyer's bank account.
  • And then, finally, remitting payment to the supplier.

Does Shopify Offer An Easy Way To Set Up A Payment Gateway?

Shopify is a web-based storefront that accepts payments via a variety of methods. In addition to supporting integrations with external Payment Gateway providers, Shopify also provides its in-house solution, Shopify Payments.

As a business owner, you must thoroughly explore any options you may be considering. Learning as much as possible about the company's history, services, terms, payment methods, fees, support options, and reputation is essential. Shopify may be integrated with the most suitable payment gateway provider after establishing your requirements.

What You Must Do to Integrate a Payment Gateway with Shopify

  • Select "Payment Providers" from the "Settings" menu.
  • Go to "Add a provider" and do so.
  • When prompted to "Change Provider," choose "Third-party Credit Card Provider" from the selection.
  • A directory of supported Payment Gateway service providers will load on your screen, organized by country of operation.
  • Pick the one that best suits you.
  • You'll be asked to complete a little online form with some basic facts.
  • Select "Activate" after you've finished entering your information.

You can now launch an online store and start selling your wares while simultaneously collecting payments in a secure and convenient manner with the help of Shopify payment gateway integration services.


Shopify is the preferred e-commerce platform for a large number of online retailers. In addition to providing everything required to launch a successful e-commerce site, an excellent Shopify payment gateway integration company makes it simple to integrate with various payment processors.

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