How To Hit The Dab Pen Accurately?

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The dab pens are also considered the wax vaporizers that are trending in the vaping market. However, most of the users are still not sure how to use them in the right way! If you are one of those people who is going to hit dabbing CBD for the first time, then this article would definitely help you. In this article, we will tell you how to hit the dab pen the right way without much hassle.

Are you excited to try the dab pen for the first time?
There are multiple types of dab pens available in the market, but every one of them might have the same functionality. The concentrates are not similar to CBD flowers & THC or cannabis vape oil. The consistency of dabbing CBD is thick because of the manufacturing process. This is why it is heated to a certain temperature to properly turn the vape product into the smooth vaping option. Are you thinking of buying the right dab pen but don't know how to access this? Don't worry; here we are going to help you! Here we share with you the right way to hit the dab pen correctly!

What is the proper step to hit the dab pen?
Using the dab pens is not as easy as it looks! Dabbing CBD is not all about the inhale; there are many more tricks that you should take into account before you hit the dab pen. The first thing you should consider before hitting the dab pen is setting it to the right temperature. The ideal dab pen temperature can range between 420°F and 550°F. The lower end of this vape kit offers a strong, smooth yet favorable hit to your throat. 

Keeping the temperature low is perfect for using the right dab pen. Most dab pens don't have advanced features like a temperature control regulating system. So, all you have to do is just heat this & hit! But yes, they have variable voltage batteries that enable you to set the coil temperature. Once you set this to the right temperature, it's time to hit this! You should take the smooth pull to get the best vapor out of the pen.

The coil in the heating chamber of dabbing CBD can vaporize everything, which results in thicker and more potent clouds. However, if the vapor gets too harsh, it can turn down the temperature. You should consider taking the small hits. It is also crucial to keep the dab pen in the right condition to give better output.

By following the above-discussed options, you can achieve greater satisfaction and experience! Do you want to explore some better options for dab pens? Reach to Higher Love Wellness.


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