How To Generate Organic Leads With Facebook Lead Ads Using Meta Ads Manager

How To Generate Organic Leads With Facebook Lead Ads Using Meta Ads Manager
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Facebook Advertising is one of the most versatile online marketplaces, with over 2.89 billion monthly active global users. With this wide range of potential customers, Facebook lead ads can bring lots of sales and revenue to your business with the help of innovative tools and features. 

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Traditional lead generation involves directing users to a landing page to fill out a form, often resulting in high-quality leads. However, this process can be lengthy, especially for users who are not very interested in your offer. Facebook Lead Ads provides a solution by allowing users to stay on the platform while they complete and submit forms.

This revolutionary approach enables businesses to create forms that collect crucial lead information – such as names, email addresses, or phone numbers – directly in the Facebook ecosystem in just a few taps and without being redirected to external landing pages. 

How Facebook Lead Ads Work:

  1. Ad Setup: Like any other paid ads, the journey begins in Ads Manager. Here, advertisers customize targeting features, creative assets, and budgets to ensure their ads reach the right audience.
  1. Targeted Display: Meta (formerly Facebook) leverages the provided information to display ads to potential customers in their news feed. These ads, resembling organic posts, are marked as “sponsored.”
  1. Lead Generation Offer: Facebook Lead Ads focus on promoting a lead generation offer. For instance, a business might offer a discount coupon code to increase product signups.
  1. InApp Form Submission: When a user clicks the call to action (CTA), a form auto-filled with their information appears within the Facebook or Instagram app. This minimizes friction in the signup process, enhancing user convenience.
  1. Delivery of Offer: The completed lead form triggers the delivery of the offer – whether it’s a discount code – either in-app or via email, depending on the chosen lead flow. This culmination is known as the Facebook Lead Form.

Now armed with the discount code, businesses have successfully captured a potential customer, ready to be nurtured and qualified.
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