How to choose the right size for your sex doll

How to choose the right size for your sex doll
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Have you decided to buy your first sex doll? Or maybe you already have one but want to spice up your sex life and give it a try? Anyway, congratulations! You have made a great decision that will bring a lot of joy to your life.

With a love doll you can have sex anytime, anywhere, try any position you want, and make all your dirtiest fantasies and fetishes come true without the "honey, let's do it next time" or "Sorry, I have a splitting headache, so I can't do it this time."

Additionally, love dolls are known to help cope with loneliness, relieve stress, overcome social anxiety, and enjoy quality companionship.

To choose the most win-win option that perfectly meets your needs and desires, you should consider one of the key factors – size. Read on and find out which size best suits your needs.

Havel the taller
Your eyes may wander away from the staggering number of freewheeling love dolls on the market. This is not surprising, as the selection is truly amazing: any size, weight and additional features.

When purchasing a doll, most people want her to be as realistic as possible. That's why they are looking for lifelike female heights.

Dolls 140-150 cm (4'7" - 4'11") are considered Large. At this point, she makes you feel like you're with a real woman.

Generally speaking, a 140-150 cm (4'7" - 4'11") doll weighs approximately 23-30 kg (51-66 lbs). Sounds good, right? Let's continue.

If you are a fan of tall girls, you might consider a 165-170 cm (5'5"- 5'7") doll. These dolls are known as life-size sex dolls. As the most realistic of all dolls, this size will become your real companion, you can buy clothes and accessories in regular stores without any problems and try all the positions you would try with a real woman.

Life-size sex dolls weigh 40 kilograms (88 pounds) or more. Look like you've won the jackpot with a life-like doll that has human height and all the great features but weighs less. Unfortunately, things are a little different.

At first glance, an 88-pound girl may look light. Yes, but that's not the case with sex dolls. Compared to real people, love dolls are completely dead weight. Additionally, the weight is distributed across the body of the doll, meaning it basically feels twice as heavy as you would expect, and carrying a heavy doll is a tough job.

If you are an athletic athlete who loves to work out and heavy dolls are not an issue for you at all, then you need a life-size sex doll. However, if you have back problems or aren't ready to handle so much dead weight, consider other, smaller options.

Why are sex dolls so heavy?
Modern silicone and TPE dolls are not inflatable items filled with air. The so-called "bones" of modern dolls are made up of the inside of a heavy metal skeleton. Together with the strong and thick layer of TPE or silicone material, they are heavy in weight. The taller the doll, the more TPE/silicone and metal needed to make it.

When is short too short?
As mentioned above, there are many sizes of sex dolls on the market. Typically, they start from micro: 65 cm (2' 2") - 80cm (2' 7").

Micro dolls weigh five kilograms or even less. They are very cute and easy to handle, but lack most of the features that larger dolls have. Additionally, these dolls are more affordable compared to larger sized dolls.

Micro dolls should only be used for vaginal intercourse. Their unrealistic proportions don't make you feel like you're with a real person. Moreover, you cannot dress such a doll in the clothes of a real woman, nor can you find a wig for her.

If you are looking for a small masturbation toy without any bells and whistles and human-like features, this option may be what you need. However, if you want a companion rather than a toy, a miniature sex doll may be too short for you.

small sex doll
Miniature sex dolls are a little larger than miniature sex dolls. They are approximately 100 cm (3 ft 3 in) tall and typically weigh 12 kg (26.5 lb).

This type offers more possibilities such as anal and oral sex. In addition, they are closer to reality, with more details and features.

Small sex dolls are ideal for those who have back problems or simply want a doll that is larger in size but still easy to handle. Moreover, it is also an affordable option.

medium sex doll
Middle-gender dolls range in height from 125 cm (4'1") to 140 cm (4'7") and typically weigh from 20 kg (44 lb) to 23 kg (51 lb).

This type of doll is very versatile. For example, you can choose between a built-in vagina or an inserted vagina. There are also a variety of clothes, wigs and other accessories for gender-neutral dolls.

Like life-size sex dolls, these dolls are difficult to hide and store. If you prefer not to hide your doll and just let her lie down, make sure she doesn't lie on artificial or dyed materials for long periods of time. Instead, leave her on a soft surface.

A medium-sized doll is a perfect choice because it's not as expensive as a life-size doll but will make you feel like you're with a real woman.

How to choose the size of an inflatable doll?

First, we compared the average height and weight of sex dolls of different sizes. You must understand that doll specifications will vary depending on factors such as brand, material, body proportions, and more.

Not all 140 cm love dolls have the same weight and features. When looking for a matching product, pay attention to the specifications given.

Also, if you're looking for a cheap option to try, be aware that dolls under 100cm don't have an insertable vagina. The taller the doll, the heavier it is. Also, if you like role-playing and changing roles, don't go for miniature or small love dolls. It's hard to find clothes that fit these sizes.

perfect height and weight
If you are a newbie, you may be wondering which inflatable doll size and weight is best for you. If you have never had a love doll before, then you should consider a medium size doll. Why?

First, they are not as heavy or expensive as life-size sex dolls. Of course, this type isn't the lightest on the list, but if you're an average male with no back problems, it won't pose a problem. You can easily move the 20kg doll and try out all the positions in the Kama Sutra for an unforgettable sex night.

Best of all, compared to micro and small sex dolls, medium-sized sex dolls are very lifelike and have many of the features and functions of real women. Additionally, she can alter her appearance with a range of size-appropriate clothes, sexy accessories and wigs.

If your biggest dream is a model-like girl with all the possible features like standing feet, human hair implants, built-in heating, moans, shrugs, and articulated hand bones, then buy a life-size sex doll . She will meet all your needs and more. However, be prepared to carry a considerable amount of dead weight.

If you dream of an ideal partner in crime with whom you can carry out the most exciting sexual experiments without having to lift too much, the medium-sized doll is a perfect choice.

bottom line
Now you are a true expert on the different sizes of sex dolls. If you are a newbie, be careful when making your choice and buy a doll based on your needs and desires. The best thing to do is to write down all the important factors and make your choice accordingly.

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