How To Choose The Right Hair Weaves For Your Hair

How To Choose The Right Hair Weaves For Your Hair
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Nowadays, with the continuous progress and increasing demand of the wig manufacturing industry, as one of the hair extensions, hair weaves is very popular and there are many kinds. Because many customers don’t know enough about hair weaves and how to choose hair weaves which is suitable for them, so today’s blog will help you solve these problems, and I hope you can choose the right hair weaves for your hair after reading the blog.


What are hair weaves?

Hair weave is a particular type of hair extension. The weft, also called hair weave, attaches to your natural hair and forms the style you want. Hair weaves are so popular because they are so versatile and often natural.

Your natural hair is typically tucked away, usually by being braided into cornrows underneath, before bundles are sewn into your hair or glued on. Hair weaves enable you to add length and fullness to your natural hair.

Things you need to consider when choosing hair weaves.


1. Hair types

You should buy hair weaves based on the texture of your hair. Hair weaves are usually mixed with your natural hair, so you make sure your natural head is natural and beautiful when mixed with hair weaves. If you have straight or wavy hair, avoid wearing curly hair weaves because it doesn’t look attractive and may even be difficult to manage.  

If your hair is curly, don’t use straight hair weaves because they don’t blend well. You need to iron your hair every day and it will damage your hair.

2. Hair colors

When you choose the color of hair weaves, you’d better choose the same color as your natural hair, it will be more natural. Of course, you can also choose some colors that can be mixed well with your hair color contrast, this is according to your preferences. For black women, you can blend your black hair with gold, red, and copper hair weaves. The mixed color will be more beautiful, charming, and natural.

3. Length and density of hair weaves

Before you buy hair weaves, you should consider the length and density of hair you want to achieve, and then choose the right hair weaves, both length, and density can meet your choice. Typically, you can buy multiple bundles of hair weaves for fuller hair density.

4. The material of hair weaves

The hair material there are two kinds, one is human hair, the other is synthetic hair. Human hair has a better quality, more natural appearance, more durable, but the price is slightly higher than synthetic hair. If you are a short-term user and the natural appearance of hair requirements is not high, you can choose the cheaper synthetic hair. In other circumstances, we all recommend that you choose hair weaves made of human hair.

5. Hair textures

Hair weaves made of Human hair usually have four kinds of hair, namely Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, and India. Each type of knitting has its characteristics, and you can freely choose the one that suits you according to the following analysis.  

  • Brazilian hair: Brazilian hair is dense and durable. Brazilian hair is also very versatile and can be straight, curly, or wavy.  
  • Indian hair: Indian hair is usually thick but not heavy, wavy, and full. If you like wavy and straight hair, this is a good choice.  
  • Malaysian hair: Malaysia’s hair color is excellent, usually smoother, straighter, and lighter than that of India and Brazil.  
  • Peruvian hair: Peruvian hair is very light, elegant, full, and luxurious. Peruvian hair is very versatile.

6. Wig shop

You should choose a reputable hair extension shop when you buy hair weaves, especially when you shop online. Only in this way can you ensure that your hair weaves are of high quality as described and will not be deceived.  

Moreover, if there is a problem with the product, a good shop will also help you deal with it in time. Recommend Recool Hair for you. This is a high-quality and reputable wig brand. All wigs and hair weaves here are 100% human virgin hair.


Tips to tell whether the hair weave is human hair.

1. Chemical examination  

If it’s real human hair, it shouldn’t smell like chemicals. You can do an olfactory test.  

2. Stratum corneum examination  

100% human hair of hair weaves should have cuticles. You can check the cuticle by moving your fingers down the length of your hair. The hair should feel smooth down, but there should be some resistance when you move your hand up.  

3. Smoke check  

You can take a match or a lighter and light a few hairs. Human hair should be burned by white smoke and turned into ashes. Synthetic hair will burn with black smoke and a sticky texture.  

4. The feel of hair  

Human hair feels like natural hair, while synthetic hair feels like fiber.  

5. Observe hair gloss

Human hair has a natural sheen while synthetic hair has an unnatural fibrous sheen.


Final thoughts

In a nutshell, if you want to alter the way you appear, a nice hair weave is one of your best options. Hope the reading will help you understand how to choose the best hair weaves. Recool Hair provides high-quality 10A 100% virgin hair weaves in a variety of types.

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