How to choose a retractable awning?

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14 January 2023

Originally published as How to choose a retractable awning? Bent arm awning, many people know, of course, there will be many people will call it. It comes in a total of three styles: open, half-box, and full-box. But many people face these three styles of canopy, are not clear, do not know which one to buy, because the difference between these three is not particularly understood, today, Xiaobian will tell you the difference between these three styles from the appearance, size, price and other aspects. I. Appearance difference: 1. Open awning, when you put it away, you can see the cloth, and the whole cloth tube and arms are exposed. 2. When the half-box awning is put away, you can see part of the cloth. Of course, the hanging edge is not counted. Looking at the picture, we can see that in the border part between the front pole and the cover box, you can also see the cloth tube or cloth. If you can't see all the cloth and don't completely expose the cloth outside, it is the half-box awning. 3. When the full box awning is closed,bespoken tape measure, no cloth can be seen, the arms and the whole cloth are closed in the box cover, and the front edge rod and the cover box form a complete unity. The overall look is very smooth and beautiful. II. Maximum size difference that can be achieved: 1, open awning, the maximum specification can be 25 meters 4 meters, can be used as hanging edge or hanging curtain. The vertical edge can generally be made into a wavy shape or a flat shape. You can choose at will. 2. The maximum specification of the half-box awning can be 63.5 meters. Like the open awning, it can be used as a hanging edge. The hanging edge is wavy and flat. Customers can choose at will. 3. Full-box awning,bespoken tape measure, the maximum specification is the same as the half-box awning, which can be 63.5 meters. It can also be used as a hanging edge, but I personally recommend that it will look better without the hanging edge. When it is put away, it can make the lines more smooth and look simple and generous. Full box awning, there is also one with air pressure rod, because this awning has air pressure rod, it can make the awning cloth more tight, so that the awning looks more beautiful. III. Other differences: 1. Price: In the case of the same material, the open awning is the most economical. The half-box awning is in the middle, and the full-box awning will be more expensive, especially the new full-box awning with air pressure rod will be more expensive. The reason is very simple. Their arm thickness, the size of the front edge rod, and the open awning without cover box, both half-box and full-box have covers. But the full-box type is larger than the half-box type, so it is not difficult to understand why the open type is cheaper and the full-box type is more expensive. 2. The durability of the cloth: under the same use conditions, retractable tape measure sewing ,large print tape measure, because the open canopy is not surrounded by a cover box, the cloth is exposed to the sun for a long time. After being exposed to wind and rain, the cloth is easy to fade or corroded by rain for a long time, which shortens its service life or years. Full box type is the best, because it has a cover box, which completely wraps the arm and cloth, so as to avoid wind and rain, reduce the degree of corrosion by rain, increase its service life, and the cloth is not easy to appear spots of fading blocks, that is, fading, is also a very regular kind of fading, does not affect the appearance. Half-box type, needless to say, is naturally centered. 3. Overall appearance: open, roll up to see the whole cloth and arms, half box, see part of the cloth, full box, all the cloth can not be seen. When put away, the full-box, as a whole, looks clean and smooth, while the half-box and open ones are slightly inferior. When choosing, you can make a reasonable choice according to your own needs. 4. After-sales maintenance: Due to the different styles of the awning, during the warranty, the maintenance master of the manufacturer needs to know which type of awning it is, whether it is an open type, a full-box type or a half-cover type. Only when he is right, can the master bring tools to repair it, regardless of accessories or other information. In life, many customers can not tell what it is, causing the maintenance master to run back and forth in vain, but also causing customers to push back the maintenance period. In order to avoid such a thing, Xiaobian here reminds users to distinguish what type of canopy they buy when they buy it, and also need to know what type of canopy it is, which is not only easy to choose, but also easy to repair or replace the aging accessories after a few years. Finally, in the process of using the awning, Xiaobian reminds you that the function of the awning is to shade the sun. Although they have certain windproof and rainproof functions, in order to be durable, we hope that customers can fold the awning in case of typhoon or heavy rain when using it, so as not to cause their arms to be blown out or the tarpaulin to be overturned. If there is a special need for rainproof and typhoon-proof awning, when customizing the awning, we should make it clear to the manufacturer that special functions are needed,custom tailor tape, so that the manufacturer will choose the corresponding fabrics, materials and accessories when making it. 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