How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in India with Indian Rupee (INR) | BTC to INR

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in India with Indian Rupee (INR) | BTC to INR
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  • Introduction
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • How to Buy Bitcoin in India?
  • 3 Easy Simple Steps to Buy Bitcoin
  • How Much is 1 BTC in INR?
  • Buy Bitcoin with the Lowest Fees
  • Conclusion


  • Welcome to a comprehensive guide on "How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in India with Indian Rupee (INR)." In this blog, we'll demystify the world of Bitcoin, explore the intricacies of purchasing it in India
  • We will see the essence of Bitcoin, follow every step for acquisition, discover the current 1 BTC to INR value, and learn how to make purchases with the lowest fees. 
  • Join us on this insightful journey as we empower you with the knowledge to navigate the dynamic realm of digital assets. Let's dive in together!

What is Bitcoin?

In 2009, an anonymous figure named Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin, marking the inception of the first decentralized cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology. Often dubbed digital gold, Bitcoin functions on a peer-to-peer network, free from centralized control.

It has gained widespread acceptance as a store of value and medium of exchange. Bitcoin's current value in Indian Rupees can be checked with the keyword 'BTC to INR.'

How to Buy Bitcoin in India?

You can buy bitcoins in India through various crypto exchanges. But, one of the best crypto exchanges is koinpark.

To acquire Bitcoin in India with the Indian Rupee (INR) on Koinpark, follow these steps: 

3 Easy Simple Steps to Buy Bitcoin

Step 1 – Sign-Up & Set up your Account

  • To create an account on the Koinpark platform, you can either register as a new user or log in directly if you already have an existing account on the platform.
  • After finishing the registration process, a verification link will be dispatched to your registered email.

Step 2 – Complete the KYC process & Add funds to your wallet

  • After choosing your country, proceed to complete the KYC process.
  • To add funds, go to your account, click on "Funds," and then choose "Deposit INR."

Step 3 – Finally, Buy BTC

  • You can easily Buy BTC tokens using INR deposits.
  • After logging into your account, choose INR from the "Exchange" tab. On the right side of the screen, you can examine price charts, order book data, and locate an order input form.
  • Once you enter the amount and verify the total INR to be paid, click on "Buy."
  • Your order will be fulfilled according to the specified price.

How Much is 1 BTC in INR?

As of today, 1 BTC = 35,69,691.54 INR. Please check a reliable financial news source or cryptocurrency exchange for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Buy Bitcoin with the Lowest Fees

To buy Bitcoin with the lowest fees, compare cryptocurrency exchanges for competitive rates. Opt for platforms with minimal transaction fees and consider limiting orders to control costs. 


In conclusion, we have seen how to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in India with Indian Rupee (INR) involves following simple steps, securing the lowest fees, and staying informed about the current 1 BTC to INR value. Platforms like Koinpark, a growing global cryptocurrency exchange, offer user-friendly experiences and competitive rates. We have followed these methods, to trade with confidence, and are seeing successful transactions today. Join us and other global cryptocurrency exchanges to easily navigate the dynamic world of digital assets. Happy trading!

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