How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Delhi?

Surrogacy in Delhi NCR can cost between INR 15,00,000 and INR 25,00,000 depending on several factors, such as surrogacy agency charges, medical procedure involved, birth and legal formalities, cause of infertility of the intended parents, etc. Surrogacy in India is comparably low compared to other cities and countries and has reached great success as patients can treat their infertility in the best surrogacy centre in Delhi. In other developed countries, the cost of surrogacy is much higher, as much as USD 11,000, which is nearly INR 90,00,000. The charges and expenses of a surrogacy centre in Delhi can vary depending on factors such as the location, costs for medicines before and after embryo transfer, blood and ultrasound checkups, insurance charges, and so on. So what are the factors that determine the overall surrogacy cost in Delhi?

To speed up the surrogacy procedure, a surrogacy centre in Delhi will play a very crucial role by giving support and guidance to surrogate mothers and intended parents. The best surrogacy centre in Delhi can charge more than a new surrogacy centre because of the patient’s previous good experiences. While researching, the couple often finds low-cost surrogacy centres in Delhi, which causes a bad experience for the surrogate mother as well as the intended parents. So, one should always keep in mind to research and make a list of the best surrogacy centres in Delhi with good track records, reputations, reviews, etc. Scheduling a consultation with each surrogacy centre on your list will help you narrow down the best surrogacy centre in Delhi. One should feel free to ask questions regarding policies, medical insurance, procedures, and services that are offered by the surrogacy centre. Thus, surrogacy costs in Delhi may vary according to the surrogacy centre.

Medical expenses are another factor in the increase in the overall surrogacy cost in Delhi. Fetal care, delivery cost, and fertility treatment are the expenditures during the surrogacy Delhi process. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique can increase the cost of Surrogacy in Delhi as in IVF, the intended parent`s gametes are used to create embryos that get transferred to the surrogate uterus. This whole process can increase the budget of the intended parents who are looking for an affordable surrogacy Delhi procedure.

Additionally, legal requirements between the intended parents and the surrogate, such as an agreement and documentation, can raise the Delhi surrogacy budget. This helps in eliminating any rights of all parties involved during surrogacy in Delhi NCR.

What Are the Legal Implications of Surrogacy in Delhi NCR?

Yes, surrogacy in Delhi NCR, is legal, but there are certain rules that one should know before going for a surrogacy procedure. Only Indian married couples with at least five years of marriage can have surrogacy. Only Indian citizens can participate in the process of surrogacy in Delhi NCR. If you are OCI (overseas citizenship of India) or POI (Person of Indian Origin), then you can choose surrogacy in Delhi NCR. The state government has the right to decide whether a couple can go for surrogacy in Delhi NCR, or not.

The age criteria per the rules for females is between 23 and 50 years, and for males, it is between 26 and 55 years. The age criteria for the surrogate mother should be between 25 and 35 years old. While single mothers who are divorced or whose husbands have died have an age criteria of between 23 and 50 years.

Gestational or altruistic surrogacy is legal, and giving compensation to the surrogate mother is illegal. Surrogacy in Delhi NCR can only be performed with the couple`s gametes or the donor`s gametes. If a couple has faced ART method failures, they can proceed with the procedure of surrogacy in Delhi. The intended parents should not have any children in any way, such as a foster child or adoption, and should have had previous miscarriages or pregnancy failures.

What is Surrogacy and what are its procedures?

A surrogacy is a procedure where a woman carries a child in her womb for the intended parents or an individual. This increases the success rate of pregnancy for the couple. Couples who cannot conceive a baby naturally due to severe infertility issues can find the right surrogate for themselves with the help of a surrogacy centre in Delhi. The intended parent can experience the joy of becoming a parent through the surrogacy Delhi procedure. India`s legal system favours gestational surrogacy, making it the best place for those looking for surrogacy in Delhi NCR. Patients get world-class facilities in the best hospitals and surrogacy centres with advanced equipment, doctors, medical staff, and top-notch results. There are several procedures under the surrogacy process, which include the examination and medical tests of the intended parents and the surrogate mother. After a few checkups, the expert will confirm the health and fertility status of the surrogate mother. The surrogacy centre in Delhi will later give counselling sessions by explaining every step and also managing the stress level of the surrogate mother to get better results during pregnancy. The next step is the legal agreement, which both parties sign to eliminate any kind of legal issue that may arise after the birth of the baby. Once both parties sign, an embryologist expert will perform the next step by giving fertility medications, which can be continued for more than 12 days. The fertility medications will help the female partner produce more quality and healthy eggs in the ovaries. Once the female partner makes mature eggs, the expert will inject the hormonal injection to freeze the eggs inside the uterus. The embryologist will collect the mature eggs by inserting a device called a catheter inside the uterus. The expert will collect the eggs from female follicles. Later, the male partner`s sperm will be collected, and the expert will place the sperm and eggs in a dish to observe closely. The embryologist expert can use the ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) technique to increase the chances of fertilization. The ICSI technique involves injecting a single sperm, or spermatozoa, into female eggs. This will result in the formation of healthy and mature fertilized eggs. The top-developed fertilised eggs will be transferred into the uterus of the surrogate. It will take about two weeks to confirm a pregnancy. The intended parents will be advised to provide emotional and advanced care to the surrogate, as this will help in the pregnancy so that she can deliver a healthy child. Finally, the surrogate mother will give birth to the child and later hand over the baby to the intended parents.

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