How Much Does It Cost to Build an Android App?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Android App?
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19 October 2023

Talking about Android app development, the cost varies widely. Your project can be completed for $20,000 or it can reach more than $75,000.

There is no definite value for it. Because every project is different, your requirements are also different. Some people want a 5 screen app and some people want 9 screens. 

If you think both will cost the same, then you are wrong. In general, the cost of an Android app with 5 screens is less compared to 9 screens. The reason that most often we get is, that the work involved in making the 5 screen is less, thus cost less. 

But if the situation is like this. the 5-screen with complex UI/UX design whereas 9 screens with simple one. Now, who will cost more? Most probably, the 5-screen will. As the complexity of the app increases. 

Similarly, there are other things that determine the cost of your project. That's why, first you need to hire Android app developers who understand your requirements and then come up with the final budget.

Moreover, let's understand what are other factors that will affect the cost of the Android app.

Breakdown of Android App Development Cost Based On Different Factors

Though there are several factors that influence the cost of Android app development, for now, we will look at some important ones. This is to help you- how to manage your budget effectively.

Factor #1: Type of App

Do you know the number of apps in the Google Play Store is increasing year by year? According to a recent report, the number of Android apps in 2023 is more than 3 million which is 1 million more than the previous year.


Number of Apps (in millions)









Moreover, selecting a category for your app on the Google Play Store is essential, and the type of app you plan to create will influence the overall cost of your Android app development. Here is a rough estimate based on different categories.

Android App Development Costs as per App Categories

Average Cost

Social Media Apps

$60,000 - $100,000

AR/VR Apps

$100,000 - $600,000

Travel Apps

$50,000 - $110,000

eCommerce Apps

$60,000 - $140,000


$120,000 - $300,000

On-Demand Apps

$40,000 - $120,000

Healthcare Apps

$90,000 - $200,000

Gaming Apps

$40,000 - $500,000

Factor #2. App Complexity

We have talked about this factor in the above section with examples. Hope that helped you understand this factor better.

However, let me recall that once; the app's complexity directly impacts the cost. If you're aiming for a simple app, the Android developer you hire will likely charge less, since their effort will be less.  

The more complex your app idea, the higher the cost. Additional features, such as third-party integrations, custom animations, and advanced functionalities, can also drive up the price tag.

Type of App Development

Features Included

Average Cost

Time Required

Foundational App Development

Encompassing MVP features, a streamlined user interface, and cross-platform compatibility.

$20,000 - $40,000

4-6 months

Moderate Complexity App Development

Tailored for apps with balanced complexity, designed for a single platform, advanced functionality, and a unique user interface.

$40,000 - $150,000

Up to 8 months

Advanced App Development

Tailored for complex apps, featuring highly customized functionalities, configurable UI elements, and compatibility across two platforms.

Exceeding $150,000

8-12+ months

Factor #3: Hourly Rates of Your Development Team

The hourly rate significantly influences the overall cost of an Android app development. In the US, it can be as high as $120-150 per hour, making it more expensive. India, on the other hand, offers rates as low as $25-50 per hour.

Speaking of location, many businesses turn to India for their mobile app needs. India has a vast pool of talented developers and resources, making it an attractive destination for cost-effective app development. If you are in a different country, you can hire remote developers from India

But remember, rates vary based on factors like the programming language, project complexity, seniority levels, and qualifications. 

Hourly Rates for Android Developers by Location

Average Cost per Hour

Android Development Cost in India

$25 - $50/hr

Android Development Cost in the US

$120 - $180/hr

Android Development Cost in Russia


Android Development Cost in Australia


Besides, there are some hidden elements that impact the Android app development cost; some of them are as follows:

All-Inclusive Android App Development Costs: Unseen Expenses

Average Cost

App Hosting Cost

$80 - $400/month

Updates and Upgrades

$1,500 - $75,000

SMS Notifications

$25 - $35/month

Monitoring and Maintenance

$6,000 - $12,000

Licensing Fees

$30/One-Time Cost

Android App Costs Across Development Stages

Each stage of Android app development comes with its own costs. Here are the approximate costs associated with each development stage:

Android App Costs Across Development Stages

Average Cost

Strategic Planning

$300 - $500

Analysis and Design

$500 - $1,500


$400 - $1,500

Style Guide Creation

$300 - $500

Mock-Ups Design

$300 - $600

Prototype Development

$600 - $900

Backend Development

$2,000 - $4,000

API Integration

$2,000 - $4,000

Frontend Development

$5,000 - $7,000

UX Testing

$1,000 - $1,200

Functional Testing

$1,600 - $2,500

Performance Testing

$800 - $1,200

Security Testing

$800 - $1,200

Platform and Device Testing

$800 - $1,200

Deployment and Support

$300 - $500

Parting Words!

No doubt, currently mobile applications are the keystones of our daily lives. As an entrepreneur, you can't escape the necessity of having an Android app to stay competitive. While Android app development costs can vary greatly, understanding the factors that influence these costs is vital. 

Your app's complexity, chosen category, and development team's hourly rates play a crucial role. However, don't forget the hidden expenses like app hosting, maintenance, and updates. 

After knowing this I hope you now have a rough idea of Android app development cost. However, if you need more into this, hire Android app developers who have experience in your chosen category. They can provide a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements and goals.

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