How Is Gemstone Jewelry Manufactured: Step by Step

How Is Gemstone Jewelry Manufactured: Step by Step
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The next stage involved in the process of gemstone jewelry manufacturing is filing. In this process, the excess metal is removed from the jewelry piece. In order to remove the casting layer and create a smooth finish, a variety of files and burns are used. Once the filing is over, the task of assembling is done in which two or more components of the same design are joined using the laser technique or soldering technique. Post assembly, polishing is carried out to give the jewelry piece a neat and fine finish look. In the polishing stage, three steps are involved, which are as follows: polishing stage (which includes tumbling), pre-polishing stage, and ultra cleaning. One thing you must note is, that in the case of faceted gemstones, and especially diamonds, before they are set, the jewelry pieces bearing gemstones or diamonds require pre-polishing.
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