How effective is chiropractic care for back pain

Back pain is very common among the adult population. Studies show that more than 20% of the adult population suffers from chronic lower back pain. Some even consider surgery to get rid of the debilitating pain. The discomfort can severely affect the quality of life therefore people don’t even hesitate to go under the surgical knife.

Back pain disrupts your sleeping schedule, affects your ability to concentrate and in some cases, severe back pain even leads to immobility. All these can be treated effectively with a non-invasive option. Simply search “best rated chiropractor near me” and thank us later.

Chiropractic adjustments have become a popular option to get rid of severe back pain in a drug-free and non-invasive manner. Let’s discuss how effective chiropractic care is for back pain and whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

What does a chiropractor do for your back pain?

A chiropractor is a trained professional who uses special hands on techniques to manipulate the spine. An upper back pain chiropractor specializes in applying force to the spine in a controlled manner so that the tension in the affected area is released.

If you visit a Tallahassee Spine Center for chiropractic adjustments, the doctors will examine your condition. Based on the diagnosis, they choose a treatment plan of chiropractic care, which includes spinal manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, exercise, stretching, and lifestyle advice.

How long does it take to treat back pain with chiropractic adjustments?

Chiropractic adjustments are highly effective in the treatment of back pain caused by overuse and injury. Adults who are doing desk jobs often suffer from chronic lower back pain. Similarly, some people experience affected mobility after an auto accident. All these problems can be treated effectively with chiropractic care, however, the time required to get rid of the discomfort may vary.

Depending on the severity of the pain and the healing abilities of the individual, chiropractic adjustments can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. Some individuals observe a remarkable difference in pain right after the first session, whereas severe conditions require multiple sessions.

Who is eligible to seek chiropractic care for back pain?

Chiropractic care is a wonderful alternative to back pain surgeries. However, not all cases of back pain are addressed by chiropractors.

You are eligible to opt for chiropractic adjustments if you are in pain because of the herniated disc. Moreover, chiropractic adjustments may not be suitable for individuals with serious medical conditions like osteoarthritis. Simply search “a chiropractic clinic near me” and go to a qualified healthcare professional who can perform a thorough examination to determine your eligibility for the treatment.



Back pain can be treated effectively in a non-invasive and drug free manner with chiropractic adjustments. The efficacy levels of the treatment vary from person to person. Depending on the underlying cause of the pain and the severity of the condition, the effectiveness may vary. Are you searching for one of the best Chiropractors in Tallahassee Florida? Schedule an appointment at Pragle Chiropractic Clinic and get top-notch treatment.

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