How does the best doctor treat pilonidal cyst?

How does the best doctor treat pilonidal cyst?
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30 November 2023

Do you want to know How does the best doctor treat pilonidal cyst? If the pilonidal cyst is not infected, the doctor will only advise you to keep the area dry and clean. However, the risk of infection still remains if there is excess hair around the pilonidal cyst. Thus, the doctor might ask you to remove the hair by shaving or waxing and other hair removal methods. In case your pilonidal cyst is already infected, your doctor will advise a different approach. For instance,

Incision and Drainage

In this procedure, the sinus tract will be cut open and the pus will be drained from the abscess. It is a simple procedure that is performed after administering general anesthesia. You will be released and you can go back home on the day of the procedure itself. You will be given a dressing which will need to be removed at your regular post-operative doctor’s visit.


Sometimes, injections like chemical compound (phenol) can prevent and treat mild to moderate pilonidal cysts.

Formal methods that vary from minimally invasive office treatments to complete excisions are effective in treating this kind of skin infection. Consult a medical practitioner and go over your alternatives if you have a chronic pilonidal cyst. 


Antibiotics are also prescribed by doctors to help fight against any existing infections and to ensure a smooth recovery.

The first line of treatment for an actively infected cyst is drainage, which addresses the infection but not the cyst. Drainage is merely a stopgap measure for the illness. Your doctor will probably administer an injection to make the region numb before making a few tiny incisions to let the cyst expel any pus, blood, air, or hair—all of which are frequently present in these kinds of cysts.

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