How Does Residential Electric Submetering Work?

How Does Residential Electric Submetering Work?
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06 December 2023

Residential electric submetering is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the way households understand and manage their electricity consumption. Collaborating with Roshan Energy, a trailblazer in energy management solutions, residential properties are equipped with the latest submetering technology to empower homeowners and tenants alike. Let's delve into the workings of residential electric submetering and explore the transformative impact it has on energy efficiency.


1. Understanding Residential Electric Submetering: At its core, residential electric submetering involves the installation of individual meters within a dwelling to measure the electricity consumption of specific areas or appliances. Unlike traditional systems that rely on a single meter for the entire property, submetering provides granular insights, enabling a detailed breakdown of usage.


2. Installation Process: Roshan Energy streamlines the installation process, ensuring minimal disruption to residents. Trained technicians strategically place submeters in key locations, such as individual units, common areas, or specific appliances. These meters are seamlessly integrated into the existing electrical infrastructure, allowing for real-time monitoring without compromising the overall functionality of the system.


3. Real-Time Data Collection: Once installed, the submeters continuously collect real-time data on electricity submetering solutions consumption. This data is transmitted to a central system, where Roshan Energy's advanced analytics come into play. Homeowners and property managers can access this data through user-friendly interfaces, providing them with a comprehensive overview of how electricity is utilized within the residential property.


4. Tenant and Homeowner Empowerment: One of the key advantages of residential electric submetering is the empowerment it provides to tenants and homeowners. With individualized data on electricity consumption, residents can make informed decisions about their energy usage patterns. Roshan Energy's user interfaces often include features that allow residents to set consumption goals, track their progress, and receive personalized tips on reducing energy usage.


5. Billing Accuracy and Fairness: Residential properties traditionally rely on flat-rate billing or a master-metering system, which can lead to discrepancies in billing fairness. Roshan Energy's submetering solutions eliminate this challenge by providing accurate data for individual units. This ensures that residents are billed based on their actual electricity consumption, promoting fairness and transparency in billing practices.


6. Energy Efficiency Strategies: Armed with detailed insights from submetering data, homeowners and property managers can implement targeted energy efficiency strategies. Roshan Energy's analytics highlight areas of excessive consumption, enabling proactive measures such as upgrading appliances, improving insulation, or adopting energy-efficient technologies.


7. Integration of Renewable Energy: Roshan Energy's commitment to sustainability extends to the integration of renewable energy sources. By understanding the specific energy needs of a residential property through submetering, Roshan Energy can tailor solutions that seamlessly incorporate solar or other renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on conventional power grids.


In conclusion, residential electric submetering, especially in collaboration with Roshan Energy, represents a paradigm shift in how households approach energy management. From real-time data collection and fair billing practices to empowering residents and promoting sustainability, the intricate workings of submetering are reshaping the residential energy landscape for a more efficient and environmentally conscious future.

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  1. Jean Sebastien Dulac

    Nice Article! Residential electric submetering empowers tenants to track and manage their own electricity usage, promoting accountability and fair billing within multi-unit buildings. Efficiency meets transparency in energy consumption!

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