How Do You Pair Whiskey With Chocolate?

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As couples are made in heaven, a few pairs in the world transcend straight from the heaven too. Being a whiskey person, you would surely want to pair your drink with some foods, and there is a couple that comes to our mind is whiskey and chocolate.

How Do You Pair Whiskey With Chocolate?

You should already know that this classic pair work perfectly. What you might not know is what makes this pairing so special. Chocolate goes very well with all flavours of your single malt whiskey and it is quite versatile as well. Of course, you will pair them according to the texture and flavour, and the good news for you is that chocolate comes in incredibly wide range of flavours and varieties.

Like, think about it. Chocolates are easily available from the sweetest flavour to the bitterest. You can find chocolate mixed with almost anything from food to salt, spices, and nuts. Chocolate can blend with infinite number of textures.

Given that, whiskey and chocolate go well too. If you have ever run a search for whiskey filled or infused chocolates, you would know about chocolate bonbons with whiskey inside, or some chocolates with a whiskey flavour for an extra punch. On the other hand, the number of whisky expressions that have chocolate flavour notes is endless and countless.

With all these varieties at hand, it is not impossible to search for a chocolate that triggers your taste buds with some punch of whiskey in it. Let us take you further to know why whisky and chocolate pairing is such as amazing taste hack and a true pleasure.

The Whisky, the chocolate, and everything in between

Chocolate and whiskey go hand in hand in many ways, and especially in whisky and chocolate pairing. While they both have different flavour notes, textures, joining these two together is really a powerful move for both the master blenders and chocolate artisans, and mostly importantly for you while you enjoy having a whisky tasting.

Do not get surprised when we say that a lot of whisky flavours have chocolate or cocoa flavour notes. And this is one reason why this pair work the best. While we go on a whiskey journey, we noticed that the older the whiskey, the more chocolate notes it can get. It is proven that the length of the maturation influences the existence of this flavour in whisky.

Now that you know the presence of chocolate notes in old whiskies, which single malt whiskey will you be ordering next?

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