How Do You Care For Teeth In Your 40s?

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16 January 2023

As you grow, your habits for taking care of yourself must change. When you were a teenager, your oral hygiene habits were basic, brushing twice a day was considered good. But as soon as you reached the age of 30, your dentist suggested you that you must also floss your teeth as there is a change of plaque accumulation between your teeth. So, you should change your habits.

As you age further and cross another decade of your life to reach the age of 40, you will experience significant changes in your teeth and gums. You will soon notice the following:

Those fillings that you got when you were younger are beginning to chip off. When the fillings are no more there, the food particles will start sticking themselves in the gaps between the teeth, which can further trigger tooth decay.

At this age we become adults and we start grinding our teeth oftentimes. Thus, there is an increased sensitivity. You will soon see chips on your teeth due to grinding. Unfortunately few people are aware of the grinding habit.

Receding gums and gum disease is also common with people age 40 years and more. They are also at a risk of developing oral cancer.

What can we do?

Make sure that you visit your dentist regularly. You should ensure that you have your appointment scheduled every six months for dental exams and cleanings. You should also watch out for certain health conditions such as cancer or diabetes.

If you see that you have misaligned teeth, you must ensure that you visit an orthodontist and get some orthodontic appliances for yourself. Go for braces in El Monte or Invisalign in El Monte, which are the most popular orthodontic options.

No matter how busy you are, you must maintain a strong oral hygiene and stick to it. If you do not know how you must take care of your teeth, you can connect with your dentist who will prescribe a good oral regimen for you.

Always be careful about the oral products that you are using. If they are recommended by your dentist, you can trust the brand. Alternatively, if you have picked the products from a pharmacy nearby, be aware of the brand you use.

Keep a watch on your tooth care practices, which will help you resolve issues of receding gums.

If you are an adult and you need help with braces in El Monte, our team is right here to help. We will examine your teeth for other dental issues as well and suggest you further plan of action. Let us help you in the best manner we can.

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