How Do I Know When My Motorcycle Needs A Service?

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03 October 2023

Every motorbike enthusiast knows that a well-maintained motorcycle is not just about performance – it's about safety, longevity, and ensuring countless rides under the vast Australian sky. Regular servicing is paramount to keeping your Mutt Motorcycle or any other bike in pristine condition. But how do you determine when it's time to bring your two-wheeler in for a check-up? 


Understanding the Basics of Motorcycle Maintenance

Servicing your motorcycle is not a mere luxury but an essential part of bike ownership. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, reduces the risk of breakdowns, and can help in identifying potential issues before they turn into costly problems.



Scheduled Service Intervals

Every motorcycle comes with a manufacturer's recommendation on service intervals, usually based on mileage or time, whichever comes first.


  1. Owner’s Manual: Your first point of reference should be the owner's manual. This booklet provides specific service intervals for your motorcycle model. Typically, initial services are more frequent, with longer intervals as the motorcycle ages.
  2. Average Recommendation: Although specific recommendations can vary, a general rule of thumb is to service your motorcycle every 5,000 to 6,000 kilometres or every six months.

Warning Signs Your Motorcycle Needs Immediate Attention

Apart from regular intervals, certain signs can indicate your motorcycle needs service:


  1. Strange Noises: If you start to hear unusual sounds – be it a rattle, a knock, or a squeal – it's time to have your bike checked.
  2. Performance Issues: Noticeable decreases in acceleration, fuel efficiency, or overall performance can indicate a need for servicing.
  3. Fluid Leaks: Any unexpected puddles or drips under your bike warrant immediate attention.
  4. Unusual Vibrations: While some vibration is standard, especially at high speeds, any abrupt or unusual shaking should be checked out.
  5. Brake Issues: If your brakes feel spongy, make a screeching sound, or you notice decreased responsiveness, visit your service centre promptly.

The Benefit of Regular Check-ups

  1. Longevity: Regular services extend the life of your motorcycle, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.
  2. Safety: Routine check-ups ensure that crucial components, such as brakes and lights, function correctly, keeping you safe on the road.
  3. Resale Value: A well-maintained bike fetches a higher resale value, making those regular service trips a worthy investment.

Prioritise Your Motorcycle's Health

Just as we go for regular health check-ups, our motorcycles deserve the same level of care. For the passionate riders exploring Australia's vast landscapes on their Mutt Motorcycles, ensuring your bike is in peak condition is the key to endless adventures. Remember, when in doubt, it's always better to be safe and get your bike checked.

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