How do I get started in affiliate marketing?

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25 September 2023

Affiliate marketing is considered a lifeline and a straw that most young people currently cling to in search of an additional source of income and a desire to improve their financial situation. So-called affiliate marketing workers have appeared, and they are people who have been able to provide the lifestyle they seek without the need for specific skills or experience. precedent or complications such as those found in most traditional jobs.

If you too want to be one of them, then you are in the right place to find out how. Through the following lines, we will answer all your questions, starting with the concept of affiliate marketing, how it works, and the best advertisers in it, all the way to the best professional methods and strategies used as well.

What is affiliate marketing?
Simply put, it is a marketing method among the various marketing methods via the Internet that is based on a utilitarian exchange between one party offering a good or service that it provides, and the affiliate marketer on the other hand, so the person responsible for being an affiliate marketer provides his marketing services to the owner of the good or service (the advertiser). Based on an agreement concluded between them stipulating a specific commission to be paid to the marketer.

How is communication between the advertiser and the affiliate marketer?
Through the advertiser - such as Amazon Affiliate - for his part, creating an affiliate marketing system on his website through which he displays products to affiliate marketers who wish to undertake the task of marketing his products through the advertiser’s website, and then determines the basic standards and conditions that must be met and which control The course of events in his marketing system.

  On the other hand, the affiliate marketer submits a request to the advertiser to participate in this system by following the necessary procedures on the advertiser’s website, and based on the standards and conditions of the advertiser’s system, the affiliate marketer’s request to join is accepted or rejected.

If the request submitted by the marketer is accepted, the marketer will begin marketing the products or services in accordance with the agreement concluded between him and the advertiser.

As for financial matters and how payments are made, the advertiser pays through several different methods online, the most famous of which are certainly bank transfers and electronic wallets such as Vodafone Cash and PayPal and many electronic payment methods, but first let us answer the most important question that may have crossed your mind while As you read this article, who are the most important advertisers and on what basis do you choose to join one advertiser over another, to begin the experience of entering the world of affiliate marketing?

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Learn about the best sites for affiliate marketing
1- Amazon Affiliate:
As Best prodct teels When asking a question about who are the best websites for the affiliate or affiliate marketing system, we cannot, of course, mention Amazon Affiliate as the best affiliate ever, as testified by all marketers who have had the experience of working under its umbrella.

What distinguishes the Amazon store from others? Certainly, it provides an unlimited number of goods and products that need no definition, such as electronic devices, smart phones, clothes, perfumes, fashion, accessories, and cosmetics, in addition to many, many strange and different products.

It has become the first favorite destination for all marketers around the world due to its great credibility in its financial transactions, and because of its constant endeavor to build trust with many clients and customers. Therefore, affiliate marketers consider it to be the best online store from which you can buy your needs, as the consumer is ready to pay for your item or product. With all ease.

2- Jumia Affiliate:
The Jumia website is one of the most important and largest online stores in the Arab and African region, especially North African countries, because of the products, lifestyle goods and daily needs it covers, in addition to its unique section for the world of fashion and fashion and containing an excellent diversity of famous brands in the field of women’s clothing. .

Jumia is trying hard to provide golden opportunities to encourage marketers to work through its affiliate system through the affiliate marketing program, and the best thing that distinguishes Jumia is providing special links to its affiliates to help them promote the products available on their site to the public online.

When customers make a purchase through the special link, Jumia pays its affiliate a commission that may reach 12% for each customer’s purchase.

But what is special about Jumia? What distinguishes Jumia is the tracking process that takes place through each marketer’s link, which contains a tracking code that, once clicked, is registered on Jumia’s private server and a cookie is stored on the customer’s device, and when the customer makes any purchase within a maximum period of 30 days through By clicking on the link, your purchase will be calculated for you.

3- Noon Affiliate:
“The customer comes first.” This is the slogan of Noon, which was founded in 2016 and was able to compete with Souq - previously before Amazon acquired it at the time - and Jumia in the Arab market and the Middle East, and its shares shot up at the speed of a rocket in a short time due to its reputation for providing fast shipping and compensation services. In the event of delay from the committed appointment.

If you are a citizen of (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Emirates), you are lucky, because Noon has a very active presence in those countries and therefore has many customers who are limited to a specific geographical spot, and all you, as an affiliate marketer, have to do is target these countries.

But Noon Affiliate is not like other affiliate marketing sites, as it offers a program to marketers indirectly. 

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