High-Capacity Crane

High-Capacity Crane

Pacific Maritime Group provides Payroll Management services to its clients. We take care of crew wages, reimbursements, etc. cost and all records are submitted to our clients in monthly reports to have clear ideas and transparency in business. With an unrivaled understanding of the maritime sector, a plethora of resources at our disposal, and the industry experience to match, the travel services at Pacific Maritime Group ensure we can transport our seafarers seamlessly to destinations all over the world getting them where they need to be on time, every time - heavy lift crane.

Our crane barges work offshore, coastwise, in lakes, bays, sounds, rivers, estuaries, reservoirs, dams, levees, marshes, canals and almost any body of water imaginable thanks to our portable, truckable barge sections. We are very adept at configuring precise offshore moorings for ocean work. Commercial dive companies and military dive teams trust us to provide a safe, stable platform for delicate lifts in challenging environments. Most of our crane barges are listed on our website and specification sheets are easy to view and download - floating crane service.

The floating cranes go into action wherever the objects cannot be loaded by container gantry cranes or other shore-based equipment because of their size and/or weight. The individual cranes can heave loads of tons, respectively, or also transport them by water. Floating cranes take care of project cargo and break bulk weighing, and this is not only in the Port of Hamburg, where the floating cranes are available everywhere at a minimum of notice.  The high-capacity high-efficiency lemniscate Cranes are specifically designed for continuous duty inshore and offshore operations. With its ingenious balanced level luffing system to keep the crane tip low and thus reduce the pendulum length this crane is unrivalled in its performance.

We offer unique features that directly address the call cost reduction from operators while providing contractors and vessel owners with a means to distinguish themselves. Based on many years of experience and the proven track record of our offshore cranes team, we have designed them in such a way that they can be easily retrofitted onto a new-build design or retrofitted to existing vessels instantly increasing efficiency. For more information, please visit our site https://www.Pacificmaritimegroup.com/

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