Happy Life in the Sixties

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Zhao Jianguo blushed, although he did not do it himself, but who let himself inherit this body, this pot has to be carried. Zhao Laoshuan looked at Zhao Jianguo's embarrassed appearance, coughed and said: "Well, it's all the old imperial calendar, three big, don't say it quickly.". Put everything in order. Put it in order. It's not decent for outsiders to come and see. The whole family answered with a smile and began to talk. Chapter 65 Liu Daya packed up some meat, candies, and snacks for Zhao Jiantang. She took a military overcoat and a military uniform, and put them in a basket on her back. She said, "Big son, send these to your sister first, and let her change the clothes for Junfeng and Junping at home.". Hurry back for dinner after delivery. Zhao Jiantang hurried down and left. Liu Daya and the two daughters-in-law packed up the rest of the things and hurried to the kitchen to bring out the prepared dinner, and the family happily ate dinner. Lao Zhao's family on this side is happy, while Zhang Hong's family on the other side is not peaceful. After Zhang Hong's eldest brother's accident, Zhang Hong's parents took Zhang Hong's eldest brother's son and daughter to live, and now Zhang Hong is added. Originally, Zhang Hong has been recovering at home these days. When she was almost ready, she dressed up and went to the town early in the morning. As a result, the people who had recruited her before she arrived in the town could not avoid her like the plague, and some of them asked her to go back to the village to participate in productive labor and support revolutionary work. Zhang Hong couldn't figure out what was going on and went back to the village dejectedly. After returning home,die casting parts, Zhang Hongniang pulled her to ask how she went to town. Zhang Hong was impatient: "Niang, I just divorced. What are you so anxious to do?" Father Zhang Hong sat on one side and glared at Hongniang Zhang and said, "Hong, you see our family is having a hard time. Your nephew and niece don't even have a decent dress. The two children are pitiful. You are an aunt. Why don't you give your father fifty yuan and let him buy your nephew a dress?" Zhang Hong said with a sneer, "Dad, now a foot of the best cloth is 80 cents. You ask me for 50 yuan. How many clothes do you want to make? I'm divorced. Where's the money?" Zhang Hong's father patted the table and said, "You've been home for a few days, and you can't eat and drink freely at home." Not to be outdone,non standard fasteners, Zhang Hong said, "I came back to bring food. How can I eat and drink for free? If you want those two puppies to spend my money, there is no way." Then she ignored her parents and went straight back to the house to lie down, not noticing that his eldest brother's two children were hiding by the door and staring at her with hatred. Zhang Hong's father can't figure out the bottom now, and he doesn't dare to force Zhang Hong too hard, so he can only sit there and think of another way. Chao Po-tao's family had finished dinner and tidied up, and the whole family sat there resting and chatting. Zhao Jianguo stood up and said, "Father, mother, I want to build a house while I'm not busy. In the future, our family will have more and more people, and the children will grow up. We need to live in separate houses. I want to build a house now." Zhao Laoshuan smiled and said, "This is a good thing. Is the money enough?" Zhao Jiantang and Zhao Jianmin also said, "We will give you the work points first." Zhao Jianguo said with a smile: "Enough, enough, not enough to find you." Liu Daya said happily from ear to ear, DIN screw plug ,car radiator cap, "There are two good things in our family today. Your sister-in-law and Yueer are pregnant. Next year our family will have another baby." The whole family looked at He Cui and Liu Yue happily. Zhao Laoshuan smiled happily and squinted and said, "Well, well, our family has three happy events today." A few small also cheer "want younger brother" "want younger sister", a little while the opinion does not agree, argued. Zhao Laoshuan looked at Zhao Jianguo and Zhao Jiantang and said: "You two do more work for them, let them rest more, raise their bodies and raise their children." Then he said to Liu Daya, "Don't be reluctant to give up the things that Jianguo brought back, and make more delicious supplements for you." Liu Daya glanced at Zhao Laoshuan and said, "You are the only one who is close to me, and I am the last one. That is also my own grandson." Zhao Jianmin looked at the side of the brother around the daughter-in-law, the younger brother's face can not help showing envy, sighed lightly, once he and Zhang Hong also had such a good time. Liu Daya glanced at Zhao Jianmin, and the smile on his face receded a little. When I saw Erer, I wanted to see Zhang Hong, and I felt depressed. Fortunately, her sister-in-law remembered and introduced one. Although she was a widow, she had no children. She was only 24 years old and young. She was sure to give birth to a fat boy for her second son. In the mind one wide, say to a few children: "Go, go, rest to go.". Tracy, take Lini and Su-ni to your place first. Two, wait a minute, mother has something to say to you. Liu Daya looked at Zhao Jianmin and said, "Two, you have suffered.". Your aunt sent a message saying that she introduced you to someone from a neighboring village. I also know her parents, and they are her own family. Can you go to your aunt's house and meet someone at noon tomorrow? Zhao Jianmin just divorced and didn't want to remarry, but looking at Zhao Laoshuan and Liu Daya looking at his expectant eyes, he couldn't say anything if he refused. He nodded and said, "OK, Dad, Niang, I'll go tomorrow." Liu Daya was so happy that he asked Zhao Jianmin to take back the military uniform that Zhao Jianguo had brought back and put it on. He and Zhao Laoshuan went back to the house to discuss what to send to his sister-in-law. Chapter 66 The next morning, after dinner, Zhao Xiang came back with two catties of sugar and her mother-in-law's big steamed buns of corn flour mixed with white flour. Entering the door, he met Zhao Laoshuan leading Zhao Jiantang and Zhao Jianguo out. Zhao Xiang stopped him and asked, "Dad, where are you and your eldest brother going?" Zhao Laoshuan looked at his daughter and said with a smile, "If you want to build a house, let's go to your second father's house to discuss the regulations." Smiling, Zhao Xiang clapped Zhao Jianguo on the back and said, "OK, the smelly boy is going to build a house. He doesn't have enough money to find his sister. How many young sisters will pick up the bottom for you?" Then he pinched Zhao Jianguo's face. Zhao Laoshuan looked at this crazy girl and felt sorry for his youngest son and said, "Go to find your mother quickly. We still have business to do." Zhao Xiang happily patted Zhao Jianguo again and said, "Just bully your son and make you feel distressed." Then he ran away. Zhao Laoshuan laughed and scolded, "This crazy woman." After waiting for Zhao Laoshuan to go out, Liu Daya sent snacks to the children at home and sent them out to play. When Zhao Xiang came over,deep draw stamping, he saw Zhao Jianmin and asked curiously, "Second Brother, why didn't you go to Second Dad's house with your father?" 。 autoparts-dx.com

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