Hairstyles That Would Suit a Kerala Bride

Hairstyles That Would Suit a Kerala Bride
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Kerala matrimony is a very splendour filled event. It involves a very traditional as well as contemporary feel which makes up the entire process of the Kerala wedding. Since Keralite brides tend to use very minimalistic RussianBrides make up and weddings attires it is no shock that the hairstyles are very similar. But they are extremely beautiful and add an overall charm to the wedding appearance of the bride.

Curls and a twisted bun

For those who have thick long hair they can go for this extremely simple yet elegant hair style which involves a bun as well as curls draped over your shoulders. If you do not have thick hair you can opt for hair extensions which will do the trick as well. Leave three inches of hair from the root and curl up the rest. After that just twist the top sections into a bun and keep the rest of the hair flowing. The style can also include a bang swept to the side. The style can also accessorise with a hair pin of floral making.

Hairstyles That Would Suit a Kerala Bride

Wavy pony with accessories

Tuck the hair behind your ears as you put on a floral accessory to accentuate the overall beauty. This simple hairstyle goes very well with the simple white colour of the wedding dresses used in Kerala matrimony.

Notch bun and the crown look

This is a style which takes a bit of effort but is very much worth it. You will require a couple of bumpits to get this style right. The bun which you make should have a retro look to it with a bumpit inserted into it. This should be tucked out from the side soft eh twists review which the bun is made of. After that add a crown of hair on the top and you are good to go. Also add a veil will pins at the back and you do not have to cover the whole head as it fixes perfectly along the lines of the bun.

Accessorised hair

This is some of the most simple hair styles followed by Kerala brides. It requires no special hair styles as it is the simple every day hair style which is followed topped with various floral or gold accessories. This goes perfectly with straight hair so straighten your hair first if you wish to pull off this look.

Veil look

The veil is an important hair accessory for Kerala brides so it looks great with a veil stuck underneath it. Use bumpits to help increase the volume of the bun and you are good to go.

Length curls

A curly hairstyle is a great way to make sure that your bridal gets up works. Get full length contemporary curls done to your hair. The length of the curls can vary depending on the look you wish to get and the volume of your hair. Accessorise your hair with clips and gold pins and it becomes a stunning hairstyle for any Kerala matrimony.


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