Haircare For Different Environments: Adjusting Your Routine In Different Climates

We tend to pay close attention to what works best for our hair types when it comes to hair care. Still, the type of climate around us is an often-overlooked component. You may not know this, but different hair care routines and different Angel hair products NZ are required for city, beach, and country settings. Here in this article, we are listing some tips to help you adapt your haircare regimen to the environment.

Urban Haircare

If you live in the city, you have to deal with different haircare issues. Deteriorating, dry, and damaged hair is the result of environmental pollutants, hard water, and other similar problems that majorly exist in cities. Incorporating anti-pollution hair sprays or antioxidant-infused serums are two examples of products that can help fight these problems. Try using hair products made with activated charcoal to cleanse the scalp and eliminate pollutants brought on by city life.

Coastal Haircare

Living near the coast means enduring brutal sun, high humidity, and exposure to seawater, all of which are bad for your hair. If you live near the water, use a Redken shampoo and conditioner that hydrates your hair to restore the moisture and minerals it loses. You can nourish and strengthen your hair with a seaweed-infused hair mask, which uses marine components to fight against the effects of coastal climate exposure.

For Rural Areas

Despite the picturesque setting, country living presents its own set of haircare issues. Hair damage can occur from things like hard water, very hot or cold weather, and even exposure to pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. Natural, chemical-free haircare products are preferable in rural areas. Use natural shampoos to eliminate mineral buildup from hard water. Try hair products with neem oil or chamomile extract for natural antibacterial benefits that also help calm the scalp and shield it from environmental aggressors.

Improving your hair care routine

  • Keeping your scalp clean and your hair nourished is the first and biggest importance of maintaining a regular shampooing and conditioning routine.
  • An additional defence against environmental aggressors is the use of a leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

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