Guide to Build 10 Min Instant Grocery Delivery App

Guide to Build 10 Min Instant Grocery Delivery App
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Technology has changed the way we live our lives, even the way we perform our daily chores. One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks is grocery shopping and in today’s busy lives, a lot of us do not get the time to go to the supermarket. Thankfully, 10-minute instant grocery delivery apps are available in the market. You can simply order the groceries you want directly to your doorstep within a matter of a few minutes and enjoy the convenience. As more and more people are signing up for these apps, a lot of companies are looking to invest in one. Are you interested in building a 10-minute instant grocery delivery app and entering the market? Read the following guide curated by professionals at an expert company offering mobile app development in Kuwait.

Grocery Delivery App Market - An Overview

Before you get started in mobile app development in Kuwait and abroad, it is important to check whether a 10-minute grocery delivery app will help bring in revenue or not.

Since the COVID pandemic, these 10-minute grocery delivery apps have gained a lot of popularity. After all, a lot of people used these services to reduce the risks of in-person shopping and transmission of COVID. This accelerated surge in the popularity of 10-minute grocery delivery apps has surely created a trend and the market is expected to cross USD 72 billion in 2025 (as suggested by a report published in Research and Markets).

Step-by-step Guide to Building a 10-minute Instant Grocery Delivery App

App development is not as easy as it seems; you must be ready to invest a lot of time and money into research and development before getting a fully functional app. But, you can reduce the initial investment and time needed by getting in touch with a professional mobile app development company. With years of experience and a team of diverse professionals, you can trust them to turn your app idea into reality. But, if you want to try app development by yourself, we recommend following this step-by-step guide below:-

  1. Before jumping into coding, you must conduct proper market research and develop a detailed strategy that targets your audience and lists the essential app features.
  2. Decide on your app requirements and budget to shortlist a tech stack that can help bring your idea into reality.
  3. Focus on designing the app interface and ensuring that it is clean and user-friendly to better engage users. You must also design the layout such that it includes all necessary app features and functionalities while ensuring the screens are not cluttered.
  4. Integrate a payment gateway and other necessary APIs to provide location-based services, messaging, and other third-party app features.
  5. As soon as the app is built, do not launch it; instead, take time to extensively test the app for bugs and fix it in case of any errors.
  6. Launch the app on the relevant app stores and market it through proper channels to ensure you can bring in customers.
  7. Set up a development team to continuously monitor the app, maintain it, and release regular updates to enable smooth functioning.

Does the complete grocery delivery app process seem quite hectic and complicated? Get in touch with a professional company offering mobile app development in Kuwait and take the burden off your shoulders.

Features and Functionalities That Your 10-minute Grocery Delivery App Must Include

Some common features and functionalities that you must include in your 10-minute grocery delivery app to better engage with users include:-

  • User registration and login with profiles
  • Detailed product pages with pricing information and images
  • Efficient “add to cart” functionalities and a seamless checkout system
  • User-friendly payment gateway with multiple payment options for added convenience
  • Live order tracking with push notifications to provide users with real-time updates
  • Messaging customer support for order-related assistance
  • Push notifications to let users know about promotional offers and discounts
  • Location services to help them identify the nearest stores offering grocery delivery

Technology Stack Options Available to Build a 10-minute Grocery Delivery App

With so many technology stacks available in today’s industry, it can be quite confusing to choose one that best suits your needs. This is where a professional company offering mobile app development in Kuwait and abroad can come in handy. The following section lists all technology stack options available and we recommend exploring all options before choosing one.


Options Available

Front-End Development

React Native, Flutter

Back-End Development

PHP, Python, NodeJS

Database Systems

MySQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, PostgreSQL

Cloud Services: Hosting

AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure

Cloud Services: Storage

Amazon S3, Firebase Cloud Storage

Cloud Services: Serverless Computing

AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions

Payment Gateways

PayPal, Stripe

Location and Maps

Google Maps, Apple Maps

API Gateway

Express Gateway, Kong


SSL Certificates, OAuth for authentication, JWT, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

How Much Do You Need to Invest to Develop a 10-minute Instant Grocery Delivery App?

Although it can be a bit difficult to predict the cost of building a 10-minute instant grocery delivery app, we will try to provide you with an estimate in this section.

The cost to develop a 10-minute instant grocery delivery app depends on a number of factors ranging from the features included to code complexity. Some other key factors include - the platform on which the app is to be launched, the tech stack adopted, and the overall development time. Other than that, another prime factor that adds to the cost is whether you would be building the app by yourself or outsourcing talent. Remember that outsourcing an expert development team might seem costly, but it can help you save a lot of time and money.

Other than this, the company you are outsourcing the development services from also matters. Based on the project’s size and requirements, the actual cost can vary which is why it is wise to determine app features and develop a strategy.


As discussed, developing a 10-minute instant grocery delivery app can help you enter the market and can be a great idea to generate revenue. We hope the above article offered the kickstart you needed to build a grocery delivery app.

If you do not have any code experience or are looking for an expert development company that can help you, get in touch with the top company offering iOS and Android application development services. With years of professional experience, we have brought the app ideas of hundreds of businesses into reality and provided them with the support needed.

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