Grooming Essentials for Indian Men: Combs, Kadas & More

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30 November 2023

In a world that's evolving constantly, grooming for men has taken on new importance. Indian men, in particular, have embraced a wider spectrum of grooming practices that go beyond just traditional attire. While the basics of grooming remain, Indian men are now exploring a plethora of accessories and tools to enhance their appearance. In this blog, we will delve into the essential grooming accessories for Indian men, such as combs, kadas and more, that not only elevate their style but also reflect their unique personalities and heritage.

Combs: A Prized Possession

Every well-groomed man understands the importance of a good quality comb. It's a grooming accessory that's often overlooked, yet it's a fundamental tool in the grooming kit of Indian men. A quality comb can make a world of difference when it comes to styling your hair, whether you prefer a sleek look or a more traditional style.

Traditionally, Indian men have used wooden combs. These combs are gentle on the hair and scalp, reduce frizz & evenly distribute natural oils. They're perfect for the often thick and luscious hair that many Indian men possess. Additionally, using a wooden comb also maintains the connection with our rich heritage and traditions.

Kadas: A Symbol of Strength and Tradition

Kadas, or traditional Indian bangles, are more than just accessories; they hold deep cultural significance. These are worn by Indian men to symbolise their strength and masculinity. Kadas are usually made of materials like gold, silver or steel and they come in various designs, ranging from simple to intricate.

While kadas are rooted in tradition, they have evolved to incorporate contemporary styles and materials. For those who wish to combine tradition with modernity, there are options available in various metals, designs and even custom engravings. Wearing a kada is a powerful way for Indian men to express their cultural pride and pay homage to their heritage Formal Tie.

Grooming Essentials for Indian Men: Combs, Kadas & More

Brooches and Lapel Pins: Adding a Dash of Elegance

Brooches and lapel pins have gained popularity among Indian men in recent years. These small yet stylish accessories are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your attire. Brooches, often seen as a symbol of sophistication, can be a statement piece on your suit lapel. Lapel pins, on the other hand, can showcase your interests.

For Indian men who appreciate fine details and personal flair, Peluche offers a range of exquisite brooches and lapel pins that can compliment any outfit. These accessories provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique style while subtly promoting your individuality.

Cufflinks: The Quintessential Accessory

Cufflinks have been a staple in men's grooming for generations and they continue to play a pivotal role in Indian men's grooming essentials. These small but impactful accessories can transform an ordinary shirt into an extraordinary one. Cufflinks come in various designs, materials and styles, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions, from formal events to casual gatherings.

Peluche offers a selection of exquisite cufflinks that are designed to enhance your style. With options in different materials, patterns and colours, you can choose cufflinks that not only match your outfit but also reflect your personality. Adding a touch of class to your attire has never been easier.

Collar Stays: Keeping It Neat and Crisp

When it comes to shirts, maintaining a crisp and well-kept look is essential. Collar stays, often made of plastic or metal, are the unsung heroes that keep your collar in place. These small accessories are essential for Indian men who want to ensure their shirts look impeccable, especially during traditional ceremonies or formal events.

For Indian men who appreciate attention to detail, Peluche offers high-quality collar stays that not only keep your collar sharp but also showcase your commitment to grooming and style.

Pocket Squares: A Splash of Color and Elegance

In the realm of grooming, pocket squares are not just a fashion statement but also a means to infuse cultural elegance into your attire. For Indian men, these small yet powerful accessories offer a canvas to showcase their heritage and traditional wear, adding a pinch of tradition to modern styling Collar Pin.

Grooming Essentials for Indian Men: Combs, Kadas & More

Just as the folds of a well-crafted turban or the intricate embroidery on a sherwani reflect our rich cultural diversity, pocket squares allow men to incorporate these cultural elements into their daily grooming routine. Whether you're wearing a kurta-pyjama, a bandhgala suit or a classic western suit, a thoughtfully chosen pocket square can tell a story, symbolising the fusion of tradition and contemporary style.

Peluche offers a selection of pocket squares that honour this cultural fusion, making them the perfect finishing touch for your grooming journey. These pocket squares are not only practical but also a great way to showcase your style, subtly promoting your attention to detail and refined taste.

In the end we can conclude that grooming is an evolving art and Indian men are embracing a wider range of grooming accessories and tools. Combs, kadas, brooches, lapel pins, cufflinks, collar stays  and pocket squares have become essential components of their grooming kits. These accessories are not only practical but also a way for Indian men to express their individuality and cultural pride.

For those looking to enhance their grooming experience and elevate their style, Peluche offers a range of premium men's accessories. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, Peluche's products are designed to help Indian men make a statement through their grooming choices. So, whether you're preparing for a special occasion or simply want to look your best every day, explore the world of Peluche and discover how these accessories can help you showcase your unique style and heritage.

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