Getting Retainers After Braces In Lincoln Square

So, retainers they are. You might have heard people that even after they removed the braces, the treatment isn’t over yet. There is still something that you can see on their teeth, that something is retainers. They are devices that are used to keep the teeth in place so that the teeth do not go back to their previous places. These retainers are tailor made after taking the digital scan of a person. Retainers are prescribed after braces in Lincoln Square or Invisalign as they prevent the teeth from shifting because the ideal position of the teeth is already achieved.

If you have already wore braces in Lincoln Square for two years, we know you aren’t ready to wear retainers again. You may have a lot of questions, let us try to answer a few of them here.

After going through an extensive orthodontic treatment, of course, you wouldn’t want your teeth to return to their original position. But this will happen if you skip your retainers. Retainers are the only thing that can keep your teeth intact in their correct place after the braces or Invisalign in Lincoln Square.

Top benefits of wearing retainers

Apart from keeping the teeth intact in their corrected position and preventing the treatment reversal, here are some other benefits of wearing retainers:

Helps to stabilize the bite: You might not know but the soft tissues and your bite is affected by your orthodontic treatment. Once you remove your braces or Invisalign, the tissues and bones are on the task of adapting to the new tooth position. This is also vital to stabilize your bite. When you wear retainers, they can accelerate this alignment of the surrounding jawbones and tissues by not allowing teeth to reverse or change their position.

Maintains space for wisdom teeth: We know how notorious are wisdom teeth. They start troubling other teeth as soon as they know that they do not have enough space to erupt. To avoid this, you can wear retainers that will actually help to keep the right space for the wisdom teeth.

Non-negotiable severe cases: Well, for certain severe orthodontic cases, wearing retainers is non-negotiable. Some of these concerns include gapped teeth, significant overbite, displaced teeth, underbite, etc. Such kind of orthodontic treatment take a considerable toll on your teeth and demand a long time to stabilize the bite. Even after your treatment of braces or Invisalign in Lincoln Square is over, you should wear retainers for a long period of time to bring stability in your bite.

If you are looking for more detailed information about retainers after braces in Lincoln Square, you can reach out to us. We will be glad to assist you.

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