Get Effective Weight Loss with the Best Yoga From Yownn Yoga

Get Effective Weight Loss with the Best Yoga From Yownn Yoga
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11 January 2023

Is yoga an effective weight loss aid? Absolutely! Not only does it burn calories, but it also changes your lifestyle to reduce stress and emotional eating. What’s more, suitable yoga for weight loss techniques can help strengthen muscles, improve sleep quality, and reduce tension while helping you maintain a healthy body weight.

Research reveals that yoga is a successful weight loss and sustenance strategy due to its multifaceted approach. Yoga can amplify energy expenditure during sessions, reduce back pain or joint aches (which encourages more exercise), and heighten awareness of your body's signals like satiety and eating patterns. This connection between mind-body enables you to be in tune with your body better than ever before.

Are you planning on pursuing yoga for weight loss to shed those extra pounds? Keep these tips in mind for the best results:

  • Ease yourself in. The perfect way to begin a yoga journey—or any form of working out—is by taking it step-by-step, starting with an introduction. Make sure you select a style that is accessible for all levels, ensuring it won't cause any harm or injury as you gain strength and flexibility. Select classes labeled' beginner' when possible so you can get more guidance on how to do the poses correctly.
  • Modify poses and exercises as needed based on your current fitness level. Don't be afraid to let your instructor know if you have issues with your joints, knees, or hips. They can provide modifications tailored specifically for where you currently are, helping you practice yoga safely.
  • Explore various classes, styles of yoga, and instructors to identify the perfect match for you. Some classes are dedicated to breathing exercises and meditation; others are designed to strengthen movements at either a faster pace or a slower tempo. The ultimate goal is finding something that works for you so that you can maintain a regular practice leading to long-term benefits.
  • In addition to yoga, incorporate other forms of exercise into your routine. Though many styles of yoga involve some muscle-strengthening elements, not all styles provide a cardio workout. Pair your regular practice with aerobic exercises like running or biking that elevate heart rate and burn fat quickly if you want faster results.
  • Don't give up! Establishing regular yoga for weight loss practice takes time and patience, but the rewards are worth it. If you want to achieve your goals through yoga, find something that appeal to you and make sure it's part of your weekly routine. With consistent effort, you can expect to see results in no time.

Yownn Yoga offers yoga for weight loss classes both in person and online. Get in touch by calling +267 74073663 or visiting us at Plot 127, Morukuru Close, and Extension 11.

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Yownn Yoga is a yoga and wellness company for career women. Working women have a lot on their plate and don’t often have time for self-care, leading to stress. Yownn Yoga aims to bring convenience to career-oriented women’s wellness by meeting them exactly where they are, whether in person or online and whatever their fitness level. We offer in-person yoga classes & online yoga classes for beginners and intermediate practitioners, and private classes.

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