Get a Lollipop Breast Lift with Implants and See the Difference

Get a Lollipop Breast Lift with Implants and See the Difference
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Do you not like your breasts? You're not by yourself. Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery operation performed in the US. Women especially desire to look and feel younger, especially after having children or drastically cutting weight. Events in life do physical harm to your body, but you can repair that harm by combining a lollipop breast lift with implants.

The Method of Lollipop Incision

An alternative to the conventional anchor-shaped incision technique we discussed before is the lollipop incision technique for breast lifts. There is a need for only two incisions instead of three. These are the two incisions:

  • The breast's underside is incised vertically.
  • The areola's circumferential incision.

A plastic surgeon can make all the necessary changes to the patient's breasts with just these two incisions. This incision method's name ought to be self-evident.

Which Breast Implant Do You Need?

Selecting the appropriate kind and size of lollipop breast lift with implants is a major choice. Making the appropriate decision will affect how you look and feel following the operation. 3 choices are available to you:

Gummy Bear: These implants are fairly firm, just like gummy bears. For those who are concerned about ruptures, these are the greatest options because, in the unlikely event that the shell cracks, the gel within will remain intact. Gummy bear breast implants maintain their shape permanently, even though they might not feel as natural as gel implants.

Saline: These are ideal for people who wish to minimize scarring. After a small incision, the empty implant is placed and filled with saline. Saline implants don't feel as natural as the other alternatives, and they have a higher chance of popping or rupturing.

Gel: For the majority of people, gel-filled implants are the best option. The gel feels incredibly lifelike and has a more natural appearance. For most patients, this is the best approach because the gel tends to stay in place and reduces risks, even though it can spread in the event of a rupture.

Size Counts: Your surgeon can increase your cup size by one or more sizes with a lollipop breast lift with implants, but is larger truly better? Being a DD may sound tempting to people who have always had a modest cup size, but it's not necessarily required. View a gallery of images taken before and after your implant to have a better idea of what to anticipate.

Which kind of placement ought you to select?

After deciding on the kind of lollipop breast lift with implants you desire, the placement must be taken into account. Implants can be positioned either beneath the breast tissue or behind the submuscular pectoral muscle. Submuscular placement offers a more natural look and feel, but it also demands a lengthier surgical recovery period.

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