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Summer Break is the juncture to explore new interests for which the children wait eagerly. It is an opportunity to enjoy some respite time from routine school days. Summer Break offers the children a time to rest which apparently helps them in improved attention, behaviour and overall mental and physical health. Preschools and primary schools shall emphasise the importance of fun and activities in the child's life. Junior Delhi School is hence one of the top 10 preschool in Delhi/ Top 10 playschool in Delhi due to the value it provides to the kids during their school years.

Following are some Fun and Educational Activities for Summer break to keep them entertained and active. These are some perosonalised one out of many that Junior Delhi School takes up.

Nature’s Touch

Make a list of things for you child to collect from the surroundings. It could be leaves, pebbles, any particular flowers. Later, when all things collected, you can discuss the texture, shape or size of the collectibles. This activity will not only enhance their observation skills but also will help them to develop early learning skills in the most natural way.

Cooking without Fire

Cooking offers a range of choices from teaching young ones how to butter a slice of bread, roll out chapatis to guiding them to make fruit salad or squeeze out a lemon to make some lemonade this Summer. Amidst the activity, you can make them identify the food ingredient by smell or taste. It will help children become independent and self-directed along with some confidence and skill.


Engross your child in reading picture or story books. Play rhyming words and recognize the letters game with the little ones.Reading habit deepens their language on the go and will improve their vocabulary.

Exploring the Creative Style

Summer Breaks are an excellent time to instigate the creative side of the child. Ask them to bring out old t-shirts, shoes, flower vases and plastic bottles. After cleaning them properly, let your child have fun painting their imagination on it.It will help the child to develop intellectual and cognitive skills.
Summer Break is a considerable time to ensure that they are engaging in meaningful activities. Spend quality time with your child doing these Fun and Educational Activities in Summer Break.

At Junoior Delhi School, the Top 5 Playschool In India is the best place to help your child's creative side to be unleashed.

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