From Beginners to Guru: Ashtanga Yoga Training

From Beginners to Guru: Ashtanga Yoga Training
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Yoga is gaining prominence as a sustainable form of exercise primarily due to its collaborative focus both on the mind and body. Yoga focuses on the asana and mudras cohesively incorporating mantra chanting and mindful breathing. Hence, yoga is an exercise that nourishes both your body and mind in a limited time between your rush hours. Guided yoga helps an individual to feel the synchronization of the mind and body. Further learning with a motive to pass on the knowledge forces an individual to enter into the intricacies of the practice and accept it not as an exercise routine but as a lifestyle. If you are also looking forward to the charms yoga can add to your being consider opting for beginner yoga teacher training online to welcome the prodigy at your own pace.

Ashtanga Yoga

More popularly known as power yoga, Ashtanga yoga involves performing the same sequence of a series of poses in swift succession every time while merging every movement with deep breathing. It is more vigorous and intense in comparison to its contemporary hatha yoga. It focuses on internal cleansing and calming the nervous system while cultivating a sense of spirituality. Ashtanga is a challenging and rewarding practice capable of giving your mind and body the benefits of hardcore workout and more.

Series of Ashtanga Yoga

Since the importance of sequence in Ashtanga yoga is unnegotiable, Ashtanga is commonly practiced under supervision. The execution of this form of yoga asanas is primarily divided into six series with a motive to cautiously train the body for the next stage. The primary series known as yoga chikitsa is a yoga therapy and is considered the hardest series of Ashtanga yoga. It focuses on the main organs such as the digestive system, liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. After the successful completion of the first series Ashtanga yoga then works with the body at deeper levels with the series that follow, namely, intermediate series (nadishodhana) and advanced series (sthira bhaga). The advanced series is further divided into Advanced A, Advanced B, Advanced C, and Advanced D.

Practicing Ashtanga Yoga

Encapsulating, the complexity of Ashtanga is evident in its structural formulation. So if you want to kick start your journey in Ashtanga yoga you can look forward to one of the best Ashtanga yoga training in Delhi.

Move at your own pace

Considering that the primary series is the most difficult it is suggested to go slow while being mindful of the changes and goals which would aid in motivation.


As Ashtanga yoga is a sequence of postures practice is required to memorize them and use them to your benefit. Also, the need for smooth transitioning can potentially lead to misalignment of the spine and other injuries, making practice all the more essential.

Be mindful of your breathing

It could be difficult to maintain poses during the initial stages. Do not compromise with your breathing by paying too much attention to how your poses look.

Hurry up and enroll in your Ashtanga yoga journey

Join yoga learning workshops in Delhi with the Indian School of Yoga, where you get wonderful yoga training coupled with course material, accommodation, meals, herbal teas, excursions, and professional certifications. The course includes asanas, yoga anatomy, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, yoga kriyas, and teaching methods.  Indian School of Yoga is also registered with Yoga Alliance, US, providing the trainees with global exposure. 


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