Floatchat: Elevating Business Engagement with WeChat Bots

Floatchat: Elevating Business Engagement with WeChat Bots
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25 August 2023


WeChat, the popular Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent, has become an integral part of daily life for over 1 billion monthly active users. Known as Weixin (微信) in Chinese, WeChat offers services from instant messaging to video calls, online payments and ecommerce.

One of the most useful features of WeChat for businesses is the ability to create official accounts and build WeChat-bot to engage with customers. WeChat bots have opened up new opportunities for brands to automate conversations, provide customer service, deliver content and drive sales.

What are WeChat Bots?

A WeChat bots is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered assistant that can hold automated conversations and interact with users through WeChat in a natural way. WeChat bots are powered by natural language processing (NLP) to understand text and voice inputs, letting them respond appropriately to questions, requests and commands.

WeChat bots can be integrated into official brand accounts on WeChat to serve as a virtual assistant or customer representative. They offer an innovative way for businesses to be available 24/7 to immediately respond to customer inquiries in a personalized way.

WeChatbot can handle frequently asked questions, send auto-replies, offer recommendations, facilitate payments and bookings, provide support and more. They create new possibilities for brands to optimize customer experience and engage their target audience on China's most popular messaging platform.

Benefits of WeChat Bots for Business

Here are some of the key benefits that WeChat chatbot offer businesses and brands in China:

1. Automate Conversations

WeChat bots allow brands to set up automated conversations to handle common customer queries. This saves human customer service agents time so they can focus on more complex issues. WeChat bots scale easily so they can manage spikes in inquiries without being overwhelmed.

2. Fast Response Times

WeChat bots offer instant responses any time of day, improving customer satisfaction. Slow response times can negatively impact brand perception. With a WeChat bot, brands can reply to customers within seconds, meeting their expectations for quick answers.

3. Consistent Messaging

Bots reduce human error and provide consistent, accurate responses following brand guidelines. Customers get the right information every time from a WeChat bot compared to speaking with different human agents.

4. Multilingual Support

WeChat bots can be programmed with NLP capabilities in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. This allows brands to engage international audiences on WeChat in their native language.

5. 24/7 Availability

WeChat bots never sleep! They offer always-on customer service that human agents can’t match. Customers can ask questions or make requests anytime of day and receive an instant response from a bot.

6. Lead Generation

WeChat bots can help drive leads and sales by sending promotional offers, coupons or product recommendations at optimal times. Users who engage with a brand's WeChat bot are already interested customers making them ideal sales prospects.

7. Data Collection

Valuable data on customers and conversations can be gathered by WeChat bots to derive insights. Analyzing bot interactions helps brands identify frequent questions, understand pain points and optimize the customer experience.

8. Built-in Analytics

WeChat provides analytics on official accounts so brands can monitor bot conversations to see response times, messages sent, user demographics and more. Critical performance metrics help optimize bots.

9. Integration with WeChat Pay

WeChat bots can integrate with WeChat Pay allowing users to easily make purchases or payments within a conversation. This creates a seamless shopping experience on WeChat.

10. Scalable and Cost-Effective

WeChat bots offer an affordable way to provide customer service at scale 24/7. Adding human staff around the clock is costly and not scalable. WeChat bots are a budget-friendly solution.

Popular Uses of WeChat Bots

WeChat bots have diverse uses across industries and various business functions:

Customer Service

  • Answering FAQs
  • Order inquiries & tracking
  • Complaints & feedback
  • Appointment bookings
  • Updates on promotions


  • Product recommendations
  • Processing orders
  • Payment facilitation
  • Delivery tracking
  • Cart abandonment recovery

Banking & Finance

  • Addressing account inquiries
  • Funds transfer updates
  • Loan application assistance
  • Insurance queries
  • Stock/market info

Hospitality & Travel

  • Room reservations
  • Reservation changes or cancellations
  • Destination recommendations
  • Flight/train schedules & booking
  • Restaurant suggestions


  • Lead generation
  • Event invites
  • Sending promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Product launches

Public Services

  • Healthcare appointment bookings
  • Legal aid inquiries
  • Tax & bill payments
  • License renewals
  • Utility applications


  • Course guidance
  • Class registration
  • Assignment help
  • Event calendars
  • Campus updates

How to Build a WeChat Bot

Here is an overview of the main steps to build and launch your own WeChat bot:

1. Set Up a WeChat Official Account

First, you need to create an Official Account on WeChat which serves as the platform for your bot. There are different types like subscription accounts, service accounts and enterprise accounts.

2. Choose a Use Case

Define what tasks and use cases your WeChat bot will be responsible for. Common options include customer service, ecommerce, lead generation and more.

3. Design Conversations

Plan out conversations the bot could have including questions, appropriate responses and conversation flows based on use cases.

4. Develop the Bot

Work with developers to program the natural language processing and build out features to bring your WeChat bot design to life.

5. Integrate with WeChat APIs

Connect the bot to WeChat APIs like account management, user interactions, message sending and receiving. This allows it to operate on WeChat.

6. Train the Bot

Train the NLP engine with data for language processing and scenarios to teach the bot conversational responses and flows.

7. Test and Refine

Thoroughly test your WeChat bot with real users to identify areas for improvement. Refine the bot with additional training data to optimize performance.

8. Launch and Monitor

Launch your WeChat bot and monitor its performance with built-in analytics. Look for areas to enhance and iterate based on user feedback.

Top WeChat Bot Providers

Building a bot from scratch requires technical expertise. Here are some top platforms that allow you to easily create WeChat bots without coding:

1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel offers a visual bot builder to craft conversational bots on WeChat. It uses drag-and-drop templates and NLP to automate chat.

2. Flow XO

Flow XO is an AI bot platform that lets you build advanced WeChat bots using natural language understanding.

3. Pandorabots

Pandorabots provides hosted chatbot solutions to develop WeChat bots powered by artificial intelligence.

4. Motion.ai

Motion.ai is an enterprise-level platform for creating intelligent WeChat bots for different business scenarios.

5. BotOrange

BotOrange allows non-technical users to build chatbots on WeChat using a decision-tree based approach.

6. BotTime

BotTime is an omni-channel bot platform tailored for WeChat with built-in ecommerce functionality.

7. Chatbot

Chatbot offers pre-built WeChat bot templates for customer service, lead generation, appointments and surveys.


GYRON is an end-to-end platform to build AI chatbots on WeChat using a visual drag-and-drop interface.

9. Panddda

Panddda provides a suite of tools to develop, train, test and analyze WeChat bots.

10. Botpress

Botpress is an open-source bot framework for developers to program intelligent bots on WeChat and other channels.

Key Takeaways

  • WeChat bots allow brands to automate conversations and engage customers on China's most popular messaging app.
  • Key benefits include 24/7 availability, fast response times, lead generation and seamless WeChat Pay integration.
  • Top use cases include customer service, ecommerce, banking, travel and marketing.
  • Leading platforms like Chatfuel, Flow XO and Pandorabots make it easy to build WeChat bots without coding.
  • Proper training and testing is crucial to ensure WeChat bots deliver accurate responses and optimal customer experience.

As WeChat continues its meteoric rise in China, brands need to leverage WeChat bots to tap into new opportunities to drive business success. With the right strategy and technology, WeChat bots can become invaluable digital assistants engaging millions of customers.

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