Fighter's Arsenal: The Best Mouth Guards for BJJ Competitors

Fighter's Arsenal: The Best Mouth Guards for BJJ Competitors
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) demands not only skill and strategy but also the right protective gear. Among the essential pieces is a reliable mouth guard, ensuring that BJJ competitors can focus on their techniques without compromising their oral health. In this guide, we'll explore the top best mouth guard for bjj tailored for the intense world of BJJ competitions.

1. SISU Max Guard: Ultra-Thin Yet Ultra-Protective

Designed with comfort and protection in mind, the SISU Max Guard stands out for its ultra-thin profile. Despite its slim build, it provides excellent shock absorption, making it a favorite among BJJ practitioners who seek minimal interference with their breathing and communication during competitions.

2. Venum Challenger Mouthguard: Durable and Stylish

Venum, a well-known name in combat sports gear, offers the Challenger Mouthguard. This mouth guard not only provides robust protection but also boasts a stylish design. BJJ competitors can express their personality while ensuring their teeth stay safe during intense matches.

3. Shock Doctor Gel Max: Proven Protection

The Shock Doctor Gel Max is a go-to choice for many BJJ competitors. Its gel-fit liner ensures a snug and comfortable fit, while the Exoskeletal Shock Frame provides maximum protection against impacts. With its proven track record, this mouth guard has become a staple in the fighter's arsenal.

4. Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard: Custom-Fit Comfort

For those who prioritize a custom fit, the Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard offers a solution. Using patented Bite Flex™ technology, this mouth guard adapts to the unique contours of the wearer's mouth, providing a personalized and comfortable fit crucial for BJJ competitors engaged in high-impact grappling.

5. Gladiator Custom Mouthguard: Tailored for BJJ Excellence

When it comes to custom-fit options, the Gladiator Custom Mouthguard shines. Crafted to each individual's mouth, it ensures optimal protection and comfort during BJJ competitions. The Gladiator is a favorite among serious competitors who demand the highest level of performance from their gear.

6. Damage Control Anarchy Mouthguard: Express Yourself

For those seeking a blend of protection and personalization, the Damage Control Anarchy Mouthguard fits the bill. With various design options, BJJ competitors can choose a mouth guard that not only safeguards their teeth but also complements their unique style on the mat.

7. RDX O1 Boil and Bite Mouthguard: Affordable Performance

Budget-friendly yet performance-driven, the RDX O1 Boil and Bite Mouthguard caters to BJJ competitors looking for reliable protection without breaking the bank. Its boil-and-bite design allows for a semi-custom fit, ensuring a balance between affordability and functionality.

8. Nxtrnd Rush Mouthguard: Innovative Design

The Nxtrnd Rush Mouthguard stands out for its innovative design, featuring an advanced gel frame for enhanced shock absorption. BJJ competitors appreciate its ability to provide superior protection while allowing for natural breathing and clear communication during matches.


In the competitive world of BJJ, choosing the best mouth guard for bjj is a strategic decision. Each of these mouth guards brings unique features to the table, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize ultra-thin profiles, stylish designs, custom fits, or budget-friendly options, there's a mouth guard in this arsenal for every BJJ competitor.

Now, equip yourself with the best, safeguard your smile, and step onto the mat with confidence and protection.


  1. How do I clean my BJJ mouth guard?

    • Rinse it with cold water after each use and clean it with mild soap. Avoid hot water to prevent distortion.
  2. Can I wear braces with a custom-fit mouth guard?

    • Some custom-fit mouth guards are designed to accommodate braces, but it's essential to check with the manufacturer for compatibility.
  3. Are these mouth guards suitable for kids practicing BJJ?

    • While some may be suitable for older kids, it's advisable to choose mouth guards specifically designed for children for the best fit and protection.
  4. Do I need a mouth guard for training or just competitions?

    • It's recommended to wear a mouth guard during both training sessions and competitions to ensure consistent protection.
  5. Can I remold a boil-and-bite mouth guard if it doesn't fit well initially?

    • Yes, most boil-and-bite mouth guards can be reheated and remolded if the initial fit is not optimal.

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