Fight Ready PDF Download Phil Daru (eBook)

Fight Ready PDF Download Phil Daru (eBook)
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Do you want to train like a top MMA fighter? You can get a lot of trainings and workouts out there on the internet and Youtube. Mixed Martial Arts is growing in popularity these days, and many people are trying this sport for different reasons – to become a fighter or to have a fighter’s physique. But if you are serious about training like a pro athlete, you need a good program that is proven to work. When you develop a solid structure and place strength, power, and endurance on top of it, you’re setting yourself up to become a explosive machine that delivers knockout blows. Phil Daru describes his “Fight Ready Program” as the most optimized performance program for combat sports. He claims that most fighters are training the wrong way and that his Combat Strength Program is going to change the perspective of MMA Strength and Conditioning forever. Endurance is important for combat athletes, but most guy’s means of building endurance is cardio. Learn the right ways to develop all facets of endurance, so you become a beast in the cage… 

The Fight Ready Program utilizes the step-by-step approach by focusing on developing maximal strength and acquiring power endurance using a full-body approach to training. The 3-phase, 12-week program is designed such that it is based on a step-by-step approach by apportioning the reps, sets, and exercises to perfectly suit to work towards the physical focus of each phase.  It consists of a 12-week training schedule given to you in the form of 14 videos that are meant to take you deeper into the program by explaining some key facts and figures and bodily processes to you. An entire exercise database wrapped in a clean PDF ebook written in simple English, and A huge collection of Corrective Exercises that target your whole body, especially, those muscle groups that you’ve been training all wrong.  All of this program is backed by scientific reasoning and evidence, not to mention the expertise of a prominent former MMA fighter, whose many more things than this. Just 4 hours of his refined exercises meant to increase your strength to the levels you didn’t think were achievable for you. This program focuses on 3 key factors that revamp your body completely. It utilizes your whole body so that neither of your muscles poses any hurdle when you want the best of them. It focuses on the core because the core is what makes or breaks the coordination between the upper and lower part of your body. It creates a perfect body structure, which is necessary if you don’t want one muscle group to work overtime than the other. You’ll see these 3 approaches throughout the program. 

A fight is a full-body encounter. Training the body as a whole is the most specific way we can train for a fight. Developing joint integrity training is critical for developing ring practice. For more then 10 years, Phil has been helping top athletes to improve their performance and become the best versions of themselves. It utilizes the EXACT methods that TOP MMA Fighters use to have successful bouts in the cage. It focuses on the core because the core is what makes or breaks the coordination between the upper and lower part of your body. Developing maximal strength which then translates to power and endurance, which is a necessary quality for top MMA fighters. Correct way to manipulate your training before a fight so you can ensure success. It’s all been put into practice and has been PROVEN time and time again to work. The Fight Ready Program is best for people who really want to improve and need a plan laid out for their strength and conditioning for mma, boxing or fitness. (This isn’t a program to improve your fighting skills).If you feel like you have been lost on what exercises you should be doing, this program gives you a great structure to improve and see results quickly. As the Fight Ready program comes in the form of an ebook you will need to prepare yourself for each training session by looking at the exercises beforehand so you can perform correctly. This is one-of-a-kind programs that is absolutely worth it and one with rewarding benefits.

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