FAQs About Water Filter Taps to Consider Knowing About!

FAQs About Water Filter Taps to Consider Knowing About!
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14 December 2023

If you’re planning to get a water filter tap installed in your home, then keep reading! In this article, you’ll be able to find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about water filter taps!

This is a pretty good read if you want to know more about filter taps before buying one. Of course, these are different from your usual drinking water sources like water dispensers, bottled water and so on, so it’s best to know its fundamentals, like how they work.

To know more about water filter taps, check out the list of FAQs about it below!

Are water filter taps effective?

Yes. Water filter taps have a filtration system that cleans your tap water. They remove impurities like lead, biological contaminants, aluminium, copper, mercury and many more. WHILE, keeping the beneficial minerals found in tap water like calcium, fluoride and magnesium.

But only good quality water filtration systems change the quality of your water, like making it smell and taste better. So if you want only the best quality water for your family, consider investing in a good water filter tap system!

What is the healthiest way to filter tap water?

Many studies have shown that Reverse osmosis is considered to be the healthiest way to filter water. This efficiently removes impurities in water, especially sediments and chlorine. This can remove articles as tiny as 0.001 microns! So you can ensure your home tap is simply the cleanest!

How long does filtered water last?

When you get water from your water filter tap and have it sitting on your kitchen counter, this will last about 4 days to a week. But if you store it in your fridge, it can last about a few weeks. But to ensure the best quality water, drink it as soon as you can.

Do water filter taps require a professional plumber for installation?

Well, it depends on the model and type of water filter taps you get but usually–no. Most water filter taps come with manuals that help you efficiently install the unit into your home. But if you happen to have doubts about not installing it the right way, you can always consider a plumber to help you out.

Can water filter taps be installed on any type of sink?

Most water filter taps in the market are altered to fit snuggly into standard sinks. However, it is sometimes difficult to guarantee a proper fit for each distinct sink type due to the wide variety of sink designs on the market.

Certain firms recognise this distinction and provide a solution in the shape of specialty sink adapters. These are adaptable add-ons that may be used to connect non-standard sink designs to the water filter tap of your choosing.

Are there considerations for maintenance after the installation of water filter taps?

The only thing you have to maintain is the regular filter change. That’s how convenient water filter taps are. Depending on your model, filter-changing periods may vary. Some will recommend changing the filters after 3 months, 4 months tops.

Do water filter taps require a power source?

These basic versions are designed to operate without the need for external power sources. They are easy to install into kitchen fittings and offer filtered water without requiring electricity. However, some of the more sophisticated water filter tap models include extra features and state-of-the-art capabilities that may require a power source.

These advanced gadgets frequently have added features, such as LED indications that indicate when filters need to be replaced or if the filtration system is operating. 

Where are water filter taps usually installed?

Most water filter taps are installed in the kitchen. This is because drinking water is commonly essential in the kitchen. But you can also install this anywhere around your home, whether it’s your backyard where you have barbecues, your home office or even your bathroom.

How long does it usually take to install a water filter tap?

 are several factors that affect how long installation takes. It can be very different, lasting anywhere from a very short thirty minutes to perhaps taking an hour or longer. The variation depends on the specifics included in the actual installation procedure. Which may be impacted by the particular features and design of the water filter tap that is being fitted.


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