Faking It For Safety: The Best Fake Cameras

Faking It For Safety: The Best Fake Cameras
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14 December 2023

In today's security-conscious world, the concept of fake security cameras has evolved beyond mere decoys. These dummy cameras, like the Techage Solar Battery Powered Metal Fake Security Camera, offer a realistic appearance and innovative features. But what exactly are fake security cameras, and why might you choose them over genuine surveillance systems?

What is a Fake Security Camera

Imitation security cameras mimic the appearance of genuine security cameras but lack the functionalities and features of authentic devices. These faux cameras are alternatively referred to as dummy cameras, simulated units, or decoy cameras.

Presently, imitation security cameras are available in a diverse array of shapes and sizes, including models with red lights and motion detectors.

Given their considerably lower cost compared to genuine outdoor security cameras, many individuals opt for fake cameras when constrained by budgetary limitations and unable to install authentic security cameras.

Why You Choose Fake Cameras?

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: One of the primary reasons individuals opt for fake security cameras is their affordability. Genuine surveillance systems can be expensive to install and maintain, whereas dummy cameras offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on the perceived level of security.
  2. Deterrence and Prevention: The Techage Solar Battery Powered Metal Fake Security Camera, with its realistic appearance and motion-activated floodlights, serves as a deterrent to trespassers. These cameras create an impression of constant monitoring, potentially deterring criminal activities before they occur.
  3. Ease of Installation: Fake cameras are remarkably easy to install compared to genuine surveillance systems. The Techage model, known for its easy installation process, eliminates the need for complex wiring, making it a convenient choice for home or business security.
  4. Weather Resistance and Durability: The IP66 waterproof rating of Techage fake cameras ensures durability against harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use without compromising their functionality.

Techage Fake Camera Review

We decided to bolster security around our front porch and a side gate adjacent to a bustling street, opting for the Techage Fake Camera. These dummy cameras have been an excellent addition to our security setup.

The realism of these Techage fake cameras is striking, especially after dusk when the red lights in the lens area illuminate, creating an unmistakable impression of active surveillance from a distance. The motion-activated bright light, triggered within a 30-foot range, serves as a potent deterrent for any unauthorized activity, further enhancing their effectiveness.

While one of the dummy cameras ceased functioning after a few weeks, we reached out to Techage Customer Service via the email address provided on their official website. Janice from their team responded promptly, demonstrating exceptional responsiveness and accommodation. Janice swiftly organized a replacement, which arrived at our doorstep within a mere couple of days. Their customer support is truly commendable.

The solar-powered feature of these devices is a significant advantage for us, particularly in areas with inconsistent internet connectivity. These cameras operate flawlessly, even on heavily overcast days, ensuring consistent surveillance.

The installation process was a breeze, requiring just four screws. We are thrilled with our purchase as these fake cameras have significantly boosted our security at an affordable price point. Not to mention, the exceptional ease of installation and the standout customer service from Techage has left us thoroughly impressed.

Advantages Of Techage Fake Camera

  • Enhanced Deterrence: Even though they aren't genuine, fake CCTV cameras serve as a deterrent. Burglars usually won't risk testing if the cameras are real, and from a distance, they appear authentic. While it's not foolproof, it helps minimize the risk of burglary.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: These cameras are incredibly affordable. You don't need to break the bank to secure your home. If you have a tight security budget, fake cameras offer a practical and economical solution.
  • Simple Installation: With no wires or complex setups, installing fake cameras is a breeze. You don't need professional assistance; managing the installation yourself is easy and hassle-free
  • Environmentally Friendly Power Source: Techage fake cameras are solar-powered, utilizing solar panels for their power supply. This eco-friendly feature adds to their appeal, making them an environmentally conscious choice for security needs.

Disadvantages Of Techage Fake Camera

  • Limited Protection: The most glaring downside of fake cameras is their inability to offer real protection. They may not deter intruders effectively, leaving your home vulnerable to potential threats.
  • Lack of Assurance: With fake cameras, you can't be certain of their effectiveness. The absence of actual surveillance capabilities might leave you feeling uneasy, especially if you're relying on them for security.
  • Ineffective in Crisis: In unfortunate events, fake cameras won't provide any footage or audio recordings. This lack of evidence can hinder any attempts to identify intruders or report incidents to the authorities.

Overall, the Techage Solar Battery Powered Metal Fake Security Camera proves to be a smart and cost-effective solution for enhancing security, blending realism with efficient functionality. Highly recommended for those seeking an affordable

yet effective security upgrade.


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