Facts on Logitech gaming mouse That You must know before you buy it

Facts on Logitech gaming mouse That You must know before you buy it
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Logitech is a multinational company specializing in manufacturing computer hardware and its complementary accessories. They manufacture high-end, technically sound, and efficient computer hardware components. The company is widely known for its perfection and effective production of keyboards, mice, speakers, earphones, gaming equipment like joysticks, and other essential controllers. Logitech also manufactures compatible devices that can be used for an efficient gaming experience. Many wireless keyboards and mice are manufactured that provides an extremely smooth gaming experience. 

Features of gaming mice- 

Logitech Mouse G502 is a brand new gaming mouse by Logitech. This is a product of Logitech's gaming lineup named Logitech G. This gaming mouse model has many advanced features and efficient performance. 

Another upgrade model of this version is the best Logitech G502 Hero.This version of the gaming mouse has the same features with an extra addition of some new advanced features. Both versions have minute to slight, remarkable changes with some new improvements. 

The features of the Logitech Mouse G502 are- 

1) High-precision sensor- 

The G502 model is equipped with fine and high-quality sensors, bringing exceptional, high-end responsiveness. The mouse has a high dots per inch range, which allows them to track minute detail tracking for gamers and gives them a better gaming experience. 

2) Adjustable DPI- 

The G502 model has an adjustable DPI, which can be set in accordance with ease of usage. Users can set their specific sensitivity level to have during their gaming. 

3) Customizable weight and balance- 

The G502 model has a customizable feature wherein users can adjust the weights according to their needs. 

4) Programmable buttons- 

The G502 model has various built-in programming buttons and buttons that can be customized using the Logitech software. 

5) Scroll Wheel- 

The G502 model has an efficient and high regard scroll wheel that offers high-speed and smooth scrolling. Depending on the gaming requirements, these scrolls can be interchanged between notched scrolling and free-spinning mode. 

6) RGB Lighting- 

The G502 model includes personalized lighting zones with the scope for you to customize the mouse's appearance as per your choice. 

The Logitech G502 model is a suitable mouse for every type of gamer. 

Key differences between Logitech G502 and G502 Hero models- 



Uses PMW3366 Optical sensor

Uses Logitech HERO sensor

Has a DPI range of 12,000

Has a DPI range of 16,000

Has onboard memory capacity to store three profiles

Has onboard memory capacity to store five profiles

Minimal price and is a bit cheaper than the G520 Hero model

Higher price as compared to the G502 model

The Logitech G502 Hero mouse is an upgraded version of the G502 model. It contains every feature that the latter has. 


Both the G502 original and updated versions have maximum similar features. Both models are well-known for their efficient performance, design, efficiency, and customizable options. 

You can get these mice if you're a pro gamer or beginner. These user-friendly models help enhance the gaming experience with their customizable features and smooth working functionality.

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