Exploring the Rich Symbolism of Colours in Nepali Art and Craft

Exploring the Rich Symbolism of Colours in Nepali Art and Craft

Exploring the Rich Symbolism of Colours in Nepali Art and Craft

Nepal, a land of breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures, is also home to a vibrant tradition of art and craft. Nepali artisans are known for their exquisite use of colour in their creations, and these colours carry deep symbolism in the rich tapestry of Nepali culture.

Here we will take a journey through the symbolism of colours in the art and craft of Nepal:

Red: The Colour of Life and Passion

Red is a dominant colour in Nepali art, and it symbolizes life, energy, and passion. It is often used in paintings, textiles, and intricate woodwork. In religious contexts, red is associated with goddesses and represents the divine feminine. The red tikka applied during festivals signifies blessings and protection.

Blue: The Colour of the Divine

Blue is a colour often associated with the divine in Nepali culture. The god Vishnu is depicted as having blue skin, and many religious paintings and sculptures incorporate shades of blue to represent the divine realm. In this context, blue symbolizes protection and transcendence.

Yellow: The Colour of Purity and Enlightenment

Yellow is a colour associated with purity, knowledge, and enlightenment in Nepali art. It is used in thangka paintings to depict the enlightened beings and is often seen in Buddhist monasteries. Yellow also represents the sun and its life-giving qualities.

Green: The Colour of Nature and Harmony

Green symbolizes nature and harmony in Best Nepali art and craft. It is used to depict landscapes, lush forests, and the fertility of the land. Green is also associated with balance and the soothing qualities of nature.

White: The Colour of Peace and Truth

White is a colour that represents peace & truth in Nepali culture. It is commonly used in paintings of revered deities and is also associated with funerary rituals, symbolizing the passage of the soul to the afterlife. White is also the colour of purity and spirituality.

Black: The Colour of Power and Mystery

Black represents power and mystery in art and craft of Nepal. It is often used to depict fierce deities and guardians in religious art. Black also symbolizes the unknown and the enigmatic aspects of life.

Gold: The Colour of Prosperity and Wealth

Gold is associated with prosperity and wealth in Nepali art and craft. It is often used to embellish sculptures, thangkas, and jewellery. Gold represents the abundance of spiritual and material wealth.

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