Exploring the Hidden Gems: Top Places to Visit in and Around Shelburne

Exploring the Hidden Gems: Top Places to Visit in and Around Shelburne
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Tucked away in the heart of Vermont, Shelburne is a delightful town that seamlessly combines the wonders of nature, cultural treasures, and a rich historical tapestry. If you're considering a trip to Shelburne, get ready to be enchanted by its distinctive allure and the multitude of attractions found both within the town and its picturesque surroundings. Opting for a Shelburne cab service is a fantastic choice to guarantee a seamless and pleasurable adventure through these local treasures.

Shelburne Museum:

The Shelburne Museum beckons to art & history aficionados, making it an essential stop on your itinerary. Encompassing 45 acres, this museum is a treasure trove for those interested in Americana, folk art, and decorative arts. Its sprawling grounds also house historic structures, lush gardens, and even a steamboat, creating a unique and extensive collection of art and artifacts that will captivate your cultural curiosity.

Shelburne Farms:

For a taste of rural Vermont, head to Shelburne Farms. This stunning working farm offers educational tours, farm-to-table dining, and breathtaking views of Lake Champlain. Explore the walking trails, visit the barns, and savor their delicious cheddar cheese.

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory:

Exploring the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory is a delightful adventure suitable for visitors of all ages. Embark on a guided tour to observe the charming process of crafting these lovable companions. What's more, you have the opportunity to personalize your very own teddy bear, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake to cherish.

Shelburne Vineyard:

For wine enthusiasts, a visit to Shelburne Vineyard is an absolute must. Embark on a vineyard tour and savor the experience of wine tasting sessions. The vineyard's picturesque beauty and tranquil environment offer an ideal setting for relaxation and unwinding.

Shelburne Bay Park:

The park offers a picturesquely beautiful setting for picnics, kayaking, and paddleboarding, with the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Champlain & the majestic Adirondack Mountains. As you inhale the invigorating, clean air, you'll discover it's an exceptional destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Magic Hat Brewing Company:

A brief drive to South Burlington will take you to the Magic Hat Brewing Company, where you can embark on a tour. Explore the intricacies of the beer-making process, savor distinctive craft beers, and immerse yourself in their imaginative and eccentric ambiance.

Church Street Marketplace, Burlington:

Although it's not within Shelburne itself, the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington is a lively pedestrian mall adorned with an extensive array of shops, dining establishments, and street entertainment. It's an excellent spot for leisurely strolls and immersing yourself in the local ambiance.

Shelburne Bay Golf Course:

For golf lovers, the Shelburne Bay Golf Course is a challenging & scenic course that provides spectacular views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.


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