Exploring China's Export Dominance to India: China Export Data

Exploring China's Export Dominance to India: China Export Data
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The China-India trade relationship has long been a topic of global interest. China's role as one of India's major trading partners is undeniable, with a significant portion of India's imports originating from its northern neighbour. In this article, we will delve into the import data of India, shedding light on the top categories of goods imported from China in 2022. To access the most comprehensive and up-to-date China trade data, businesses and individuals can turn to Eximpedia, recognized as the best export-import data website, providing trade data from over 80 countries.

  1. Electronic Goods: Leading the Imports
  1. China Trade Data: The Key to Understanding Imports

Before we explore the specific categories of goods imported from China to India, it's essential to highlight the importance of China trade data. China trade data serves as a crucial tool for businesses, policymakers, and researchers, offering insights into trade trends, pricing, and market dynamics.

  1. Electronic Goods Dominate Imports

Electronic goods have consistently been the largest category of imports from China to India, accounting for a substantial 27.8% of total imports in 2022. This category encompasses a wide range of items, including mobile phones, televisions, computers, and home appliances. The Indian consumer electronics market continues to grow, driving the demand for Chinese-made products.

  1. Machinery: Powering India's Industries
  1. Machinery: The Backbone of Industries

Machinery ranks as the second-largest category of imports from China to India, constituting 16.3% of total imports in 2022. This category encompasses various items such as industrial machinery, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. India's growing industrial and infrastructural needs are met, in part, by imports from China.

III. Chemicals, Plastics, and More

  1. Diverse Imports: Chemicals and Plastics
  • Chemicals: Chemicals stand as the third-largest category of imports from China to India, contributing to 9.7% of total imports in 2022. This category includes plastics, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals, addressing India's chemical industry's needs.
  • Plastics: Plastics come in as the fourth-largest category, making up 8.8% of total imports. This includes items like plastic bags, bottles, and toys, which cater to various sectors, including packaging and toys.
  1. Iron, Textiles, and Consumer Goods
  1. Iron and Steel: Iron and steel products account for 7.8% of total imports in 2022, encompassing steel rods, plates, and sheets. These imports contribute to India's construction and manufacturing sectors.
  2. Textiles: Textiles are the sixth-largest category of imports from China, constituting 6.7% of total imports. India's textile industry relies on Chinese imports for materials like cotton yarn, fabrics, and garments.
  1. Footwear, Furniture, and Playthings
  1. Footwear: Footwear ranks seventh, contributing 5.6% of total imports. Indian consumers enjoy Chinese-made shoes, sandals, and slippers, which are known for their affordability and style.
  2. Furniture: Furniture follows closely, making up 4.7% of total imports. Tables, chairs, and beds from China cater to India's furniture market's demands.
  3. Toys: Toys constitute 3.8% of total imports and include action figures, dolls, and puzzles. Chinese-made toys are popular among Indian children and toy enthusiasts.
  1. Medical Equipment: Ensuring Health and Well-being
  1. Medical Equipment: The medical equipment category ranks tenth, contributing 3.4% to total imports. This category includes items such as stethoscopes, thermometers, and surgical instruments, vital for India's healthcare sector.


The China-India trade partnership is a dynamic and influential one, with China being a major source of imports for India across various product categories. Electronic goods, machinery, chemicals, and plastics top the list of imports from China, supporting India's growing industries and consumer demands. To access in-depth China trade data and gain a competitive edge in this thriving market, businesses and individuals can rely on Eximpedia, recognized as the Best Import Export Data Website, providing trade data from over 80 countries. As the trade relationship between China and India continues to evolve, staying informed through reliable data sources like Eximpedia is essential for making strategic decisions and navigating this complex and dynamic market.

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